Package From And To: How Order World Helps Ukrainians Make Purchases Abroad

September 27 19:12 2019

The founding member of the turnkey delivery service called Order World (Instagram: @ag_ow) speaks about all the subtle aspects that should be taken into consideration when building a successful business in the online shopping world.

The history of Order World (website: dates back to 2011 when Oleksii (Instagram: @ag_ow) noticed that most of the goods he had been bringing from the USA were mostly for his friends and friends of friends. It was then that he got the idea to shift to the business sector and establish a new company that would engage in shipping services.

It was decided to make the “turnkey delivery” the company’s distinctive feature. Apart from that, the customer would have the 100% guarantee of a successful purchase and the cost compensation in case of non-conformity of the commodity or delivery of a damaged parcel. At first, there were no similar companies in our region.

Who buys our services?

The primary audience of this service (people from 25 to 40) focuses on low or middle-cost segment products. Surprisingly, a lot of people decide on buying goods from abroad. Among them are athletes, which tend to buy branded boxing gloves online, and even owners of boat stores, who order the delivery of oversize cargoes (for instance, outboard engines). One of the most popular categories, aside from Clothing, Footwear, and Accessories is the Spare parts for cars and boats.

70% of goods come from the United States, whereas 25% are shipped from Europe (Germany, Italy). Less than 5% of the goods are shipped from other countries. The majority of orders are made within the boundaries of the Central and South regions of Ukraine: Kyiv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Odessa, and Mykolaiv. Due to the established cross- border communication with Poland, there are only a few orders coming from the Western regions of the country.

Finer points of growth

One of the most difficult and important aspects of building a business was the search for experienced workers. This business activity turned out to be so peculiar that it was nearly impossible to find a great employee with work experience in Mylokaiv. During a long period, we were training and mentoring each member of our growing team. The long-standing team building process made huge adjustments to the business expansion plans.

As of 2017, Order World team (Instagram: @ag_ow) consists of 8 employees that work in the territory of Ukraine. We have developed an extensive network of foreign partners, who provide reception of cargoes in the USA, Europe, and China. The organizational structure of the company includes the following departments: Order Processing Department, Financial Department, Purchase, and Sale Department, and Logistics Department. The company has built offices in two cities: Mykolaiv and Kyiv, where the office has just recently opened.

The main advantage of Order World’s services is that orders can be made at any time of the day since the office works twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays and weekends. Besides, any order can be taken online. Most of the customers make orders via the Internet when they are on vacations, at work or at home, and this is why they choose our services.

Focus on customer

The quality of services and customer experience are top-of-mind for the company (website: We are counting on long-term cooperation, therefore with some orders, we can work at a loss. Here’s an example: a customer had ordered a very expensive device at the cost of $1000, which was stolen or damaged during transportation. As soon as the problem is detected, the customer immediately receives full compensation for damage. In this case, the company suffers great damage that is 10 times its revenue. However, such tactics help us retain customers and establish a good reputation.

The price pattern of the service includes a minimum order of $10. Standard charge amounts to 10% of the sum of the order. We also have a Customer Loyalty Program, which works as follows: when the total sum of orders

amounts up to $3000 and $5000, the commission for the customer will be 9% and 8% respectively. Shipping within the bounds of our country is free. In this case, the shipping cost is included in the commission charge.

How does the warranty work?

If the customer has objections regarding the shipped goods, we use the following rule: if it is the fault of the service, office or the shipping carrier, the company compensates for possible damage. If the parcel content answers the description on the website, but the customer is still displeased, he/she pays for the shipping, and the company returns the commodity. Besides, the intermediary provides no warranty for cheap goods from China. It is possible that Chinese shoes at a cost of $12 can be of a smaller size or with a defect.

Our distinctive mission

One of the most memorable days was when we got our first order, the purchase of the wheelchair for kids. Following the joint decision, the wheelchair was delivered for free. Since that day, the company adheres to the principle of performing a special mission and being ready to reach a compromise when holding a dialogue with the customer. Even in the world of commerce, we should not forget about universal human values.

Most company employees (Instagram: @ag_ow) are fans of sports, especially CrossFit, so the full provision of equipment for CrossFit boxing in Ukraine has also become our special achievement. It is really great when work brings direct results and contributes to the development of sports.

“When we started building this service, our main goal was to make online shopping in Ukraine as convenient and simple as possible. Our strong suit is the work of the Order Processing Department. The team members always help customers and give them a piece of advice regarding the websites with lower prices or the most reliable ones.

They also tell the customer if he/she chose the commodity on the website from the blacklist. On the company’s agenda is the opening of new stock of goods on the territory of the USA. Due to this, we will be able to reduce the cost for commodities and shorten the delivery time. We also plan on including the consulting service for Ukrainians for the sale of goods on such marketplaces as Amazon or eBay.

In the nearest future, the company will provide the sale on a turnkey basis (display items, communicate with customers, and organize logistics). We hope that it would help our fellow countrymen be open for business on the world greatest trading platforms”, says Oleksii Agafonov (Instagram: @ag_ow), the founder of Order World.

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