Sapphire X2, the new notch-less and bezel-less sapphire screen protector is available for ordering on Kickstarter

September 30 16:20 2019

Sapphire X2 is the new generation of the popular Saphhire X screen protector by Shellrus LLC. Considering the user feedback the company has made the necessary improvements to present all-new screen protector in which the notch will be closed and a hole will be cut for the ear speaker. Unlike tempered glass, Sapphire cannot be drilled with the CNC machine so the company will be using a laser to melt through the Sapphire slice. Sapphire X2 will have the same sturdiness as its previous version but with no notch and bezel for a purer look.

Apart from using laser, the company will also use the CNC machine to smooth out the uneven edges left by the laser. Since the ear opening is thin, the chamfering of the edges has to be very precise, after which the Sapphire slice still needs to go through 9 hours of mechanical and chemical polish to become a usable screen protector. The biggest challenge here is to minimize the defect rate which will also lead to affordable pricing of Sapphire X2. To cover the costs of processing and producing Sapphire X2, the company has turned to crowdfunding and seeks $23000 via Kickstarter. The project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by October 9th.  If it does, the company will be able to get Sapphire X2 in action, run tests, improve their techniques and get the final product delivered on time to the backers.

In addition, Sapphire X2 will also come with a brand new packaging with paper folding, made from un-laminated paper which is easily recyclable. Once the campaign is successfully funded, the company will make a systematic durability test video showing its strength and how it stands out from regular screen protectors.

Find more information about Sapphire X2 on its official Kickstarter campaign page.

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