Hakutatz Pocket Size RGB+AW LED Light Press Release

October 08 12:50 2019
Hakutatz Pocket Size RGB+AW LED Light Press Release

Hakutatz Pocket Size RGB+AW LED Light

Better Lighting, Better Photographs with Hakutatz Pocket size RGB LED Light

Hakutatz LED Light creates stunning photo impressions

Launching on Kickstarter, Hakutatz Pocket Size RGB+AW LED Light is for every Photographer

San Francisco, CA – October 8, 2019 – Shaoxing Minfa Photographic Equipment Co., Ltd., a leading Chinese firm and one of the most innovative and disruptive camera accessory brands, is on Kickstarter for the launch of their Pocket size LED Light. Partnering with professional camera accessory designers in the United States, Hakutatz set an ambitious goal to completely re-think every function and design element of the modern lighting framework for every photographer. After a year of close collaboration and design, they are proud to unveil The Hakutatz Pocket Size RGB+AW LED Light, a complete overhaul of the classic lighting, effects and supporting component that meets the demands of modern photographers and the creative class.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/QiFvs1P8CnE

Product development was started over a year ago when the company decided to amplify the lighting possibilities for every photographer. A critical assessment was made, and all the limitations that could stop even the most casual photographer were considered. The result of this innovativeness is a lighting tool that is of universal appeal, with camera-specific functionality, but delivered in a novel format that maximizes capacity and versatility, and with a clean, classic aesthetic.

The Hakutatz Pocket Size RGB+AW LED Light features Red/Green/Blue/Amber and White light, a proprietary system designed to allow photographers create different effects and lighting on each shot. The tool has a Color Rendering (RA) 96+ CRI, utilizing a Color Temperature 300-65900K, that captures images without losing that crisp impression. The tool has a Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery 3.7 V 2900 mAh, which can run for hours when fully charged and this also creates rugged durability for the everyday photographer. The Hakutatz Pocket Size RGB+AW LED Light is designed to give single and multiple light solutions that blend with a wide range of cameras, lenses, and accessories, without creating pockets of “dead space” when you take your shot. The Hakutatz Pocket Size RGB+AW LED Light Brightness Range is 10 -100%, which allows a huge range of adjustments with no hanging “trail” of dark spots.

Beautiful, intelligent, and adaptable, The Hakutatz Pocket Size RGB+AW LED Light is more than just an innovative lighting tool. It’s a giant leap for all photographers, creatives, and everybody in-between. Available on Kickstarter, 10/7/19.

You can visit this link – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hakutatzusa/hakutatz-pocket-size-rgb-aw-led-light?ref=cfw5pb to fund the campaign or you can share the link to your network of contacts.

About Shaoxing Minfa Photographic Equipment Co. Ltd.:

Since 2000, Shaoxing Minfa Photographic Equipment Co., Ltd., has developed cutting-edge products and is poised to continue creating unique tools that will revolutionize the industry. They have collaborated with leading US photo accessory designers and currently have a branch in the US. They spent a year developing the Hakutatz RGB+ AW LED Light, and this product is re-shaping the playing field on a positive note. It is drawing attention from the photography community and many creatives around the world.

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Company Name: Shaoxing Minfa Photographic Equipment Co. Ltd.

Kickstarter Campaign Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hakutatzusa/hakutatz-pocket-size-rgb-aw-led-light?ref=cfw5pb

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