Jettly Offers Dynamic New Membership Options and Trendsetting Apps

October 08 21:40 2019

Online private jet charter broker, Jettly, has entirely overhauled its iOS and Android apps, a move the company referred to as “a brand-new step forward.” According to a press release for Jettly, the broker now also offers four innovative membership options to patrons: Jet Card, Business, Personal and Free.

The e-Broker of the Skies

Private jet rental, sharing arrangements, and fractional ownership have increased in popularity among the wealthy but frugal, as well as among corporate travelers. Jettly reduces some of the wastefulness associated with private jet ownership by assisting those in possession of jets to put their idle aircraft to use. Jettly’s service puts owners of underutilized jets in touch with clients seeking private travel for any number of reasons.

Jettly CEO, Justin Crabbe, states that the company does not own aircraft. Rather, he describes the corporation as an e-broker similar to Uber. Crabbe went on to say that traditionally, most aircraft brokers work in a very helter-skelter fashion, but that Jettly processes requests in an organized and detailed manner.

Corporations Also Noticing Advantages of Private Jet Travel

Even organizations are beginning to embrace the fact that private jets are a cost-effective option: the price associated with commercial first-class tickets can easily exceed the cost of economy-class tickets by 300-400 percent, as reported by airfare prediction app, Hopper. According to Crabbe, this means that for corporations shuttling five or six executives around on a regular basis, commercial airfare costs can quickly exceed that of a direct charter private jet. Additionally, private jet travel reduces airport hassle, as charter jets can take advantage of smaller airfields, some of which are often much closer to the passengers’ destination.

Jettly Becomes Super-Competitive with Total Overhaul of Apps

Although Jettly offers many benefits, there is often intense competition for the private jet dollar. For example, travelers frequently have extravagant demands, such as needing to fly within an hour’s notice or the accommodation of anything from animals or other high maintenance cargo, to cumbersome, fragile photographer’s equipment.

However, the new Android and iOS apps now available from Jettly help the company to outshine its competitors, as the apps make it easier for Jettly to meet a broad range of client demands. Additionally, the option of the four different membership arrangements also makes it easy for the organization edge out its rivals.

In a press release for Jettly, the company stated that prior to the use of the new apps and the more structured memberships, most people probably felt as if they were participating in a used car sale transaction, where the broker’s profit is essentially obscured. Jettly’s current model expedites and simplifies the process with a transparent–and fixed–10 percent markup that jumps out as being quite low, thus ultimately eliminating the need for customers to comparison shop. Crabbe stated that this model has proven highly attractive to their almost-24,000 clients worldwide.

Jettly clients also accrue credits at a rate of $10 per 1,000 miles flown, which can be redeemed toward services and products provided by the company’s retail partners, or used toward the Jettly membership cost itself. The company’s demographic is primarily business travelers seeking a step up from commercial, first class flying. A major goal of Jettly is to bring private charter travel to the mainstream.

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