Flashfilm Academy Is Helping Content Creators Boost Their Brand With Their Ultimate 18 Contract Pack

October 11 11:12 2019
Contracts are hard to write, especially for those who don’t have any legal experience. FlashFilm Academy’s 18 Contract Pack is designed to make everything easy for content creators so they can pay more attention to their craft

Dallas, Texas – Videographers and photographers fall into the trap of contract issues with clients all the time. So, having a passion isn’t enough, content creators need to back their capabilities up with legal contracts that will protect their brands.

FlashFilm Academy announces they’re making life easy for videographers and photographers with their Ultimate 18 Contract Pack. The pack contains 18 contracts, 7 Business Proposal Templates, and a Cold E-mail template designed to land clients.

These are professional documents prepared by content creators for content creators, with the help of highly professional legal experts. No more downloading free contract documents on the internet that doesn’t address any serious issues or offer relevant clauses.

To purchase the pack, please visit here.

Videographers and photographers go through serious issues every day while trying to help us document our ideas, work, and life. The major reason for this is the absence of a comprehensive, professionally prepared, and up-to-date contract document they can use for their work.

FlashFilm Academy is helping every content creator solve the problem of contract documents with their Ultimate 18 Contract Pack that is available at a very low price. The document is prepared by content creators which includes specific clauses designed around some of the major issues in the industry. Contracts are written for all sorts of agreements like corporate events, aerial video and photography, equipment rental, live video streaming, etc.

These contracts are very in-depth and they provide protection for serious work issues like venue restrictions, damage to equipment, obstructed video/images, parking and admission costs, revision parameters, meals, safety, security, model release, music licensing, etc.

Along with the pack comes seven brochure-style proposal templates. These documents offer the most professional way of presenting ideas to clients so that content creators can land more projects. Users can load the documents on Google or word, and then export to PDF.

Many content creators are missing out on plenty of opportunities because of their inability to make use of cold emails/calls. Included in this package is a proven cold email/call-template that content creators can use to introduce their brand, and tell clients about what they do and why they should hire them for their next project.

Content creators don’t have any excuse for not making the best impression with clients. FlashFilm Academy offers these affordable, professional, and quality package to help videographers and photographers succeed in their profession.

For more information, please contact 9728632086, [email protected], or visit www.flashfilmacademy.com.

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