Why the Right Preparation for a Divorce Case is Producing Effective Outcomes

October 12 01:14 2019
Mediation is perhaps the most obvious choice in cases involving children, where the after-effects of the emotional impact can resonate for years afterwards.

The difficulties associated with family law matters can be some of the most painful and emotional in any other area of law. Divorce and child custody issues can be complex and distasteful, often involving emotions running high and angry confrontations. No-one really wins in such cases, but having the right level of experienced legal support can make a big difference.

Alternative methods of dispute resolution are increasingly popular in divorce cases, for the obvious reasons that they avoid the type of confrontation and antagonistic behavior that are common features of litigation-based divorce and custody battles. Mediation is perhaps the most obvious choice in cases involving children, where the after-effects of the emotional impact can resonate for years afterwards.

David Johnson is a Bonneville, ID family law attorney who brings more than 29 years of experience in handling divorce cases, handling such matters as child custody, support and maintenance issues, and distribution of assets and liability. As an experienced mediator, David Johnson helps employ such non-confrontational methods in cases involving separation agreements, grounds of divorce, custody and visitation, child support, spousal support and maintenance, property and debt division, modifications, enforcement, contempt (of prior divorces), and parental relocation.

The reasons behind choosing mediation as an approach are generally linked to the high potential for emotional conflict and long-lasting damage, both to parents and particularly children. Parental conflict can sometimes lead to children feeling they are being forced to choose sides, which can then have the effect of causing the child to reject one parent in the long-term. Down the route of litigation, parent is pitted against the other parent, with a judge deciding an outcome that may only please one side and possibly neither. Mediation not only avoids this route, but is also focused on achieving an outcome that is mutually acceptable on both sides.

Mediation is all about communication, as it is built around an impartial mediator who encourages positive, constructive dialogue between both parties, in a manner that is amicable and non-confrontational. It avoids the worst aspects of divorce trials, which is where the emphasis is largely on ‘getting one over’ the other side. In a trial situation, it is often the only way to seize the advantage in areas such as property division or child custody.

However, not all such cases are suitable for mediation. One or both sides may not want to go down that route, in which case it will head to trial and be fought out in the courts. David Johnson is also experienced in this field, and has represented clients in thousands of cases, including through the Idaho Supreme Court. His experience means he is adept at tackling aggressive behavior from other attorneys or the spouse and their family, and tailors his approach according to the desired individual outcome of his clients.

With previous roles as a Bonneville County prosecuting attorney and as a private attorney, David Johnson has many years of courtroom experience and his main areas of practice are in Bonneville, Bingham, Butte, Jefferson, Madison, Fremont Bannock and Jefferson Counties.

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Based in Idaho Falls, the Law Office of David Johnson works in numerous areas of practice, including family law, corporate law, construction disputes, and wills and probate. David Johnson has been an active attorney since 1985 and is also a qualified mediator.  

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