Angela Murray of Gently Empowered Introduces Individual Therapy Sessions

October 14 20:00 2019
Angela Murray of Gently Empowered Introduces Individual Therapy Sessions

“With my online therapy sessions, you now have a Flexible and Stress-free Alternative to the traditional model of therapy.” – Angela Murray, Founder of Gently Empowered.
Gently Empowered’s individual therapy sessions lets one client meets weekly with one therapist for traditional talk therapy and strategy sessions on either Zoom, Skype or Facebook Video Messenger.

North Lanarkshire, Scotland – October 14, 2019 – Gently Empowered provides professional therapy sessions for individuals, groups, and families who are survivors of domestic abuse and violence. In their individual therapy session, Gently Empowered’s domestic abuse experts work closely with the individual using a range of methods to help the victim of domestic abuse experience inner healing and eventually unleash the best version of themselves faster. All sessions are done online, making it convenient and comfortable for victims of domestic abuse to seek help privately and from the comfort of their homes.

“With my online therapy sessions, you now have a Flexible and Stress-free Alternative to the traditional model of therapy,” said Angela Murray, Founder of Gently Empowered.

Angela is a survivor of domestic violence, who developed strategies to build a successful life of her own as a psychotherapist and life coach. She provides online therapy sessions to individuals who are looking for flexibility, affordable options, as well as anonymity while dealing with their challenges. She’s passionate about inspiring survivors of domestic violence to create the life of their dreams by helping them heal and develop strategies using motivational psychotherapy.

Individual therapy also called psychotherapy is a process through which clients work one-on-one with a trained and certified psychotherapist in a private setting. Individual therapy session provides an opportunity for a person to receive support and experience growth during challenging times in life. It can also help one deal with many personal challenges resulting from domestic abuse and violence.

“As a certified individual psychotherapist and life coach, I help individuals gain deep and sustainable healing so that they can start flourishing in every aspect of their life. Through my unique style in psychotherapy, I work with your mental health to find out about past occurrences and help you deal with present difficulties. Also, my coaching is focused on the future, providing support and encouragement for personal development,” Angela commented.

Unlike many self-acclaimed psychotherapists, Angela is a trained and certified psychotherapist who is also a survivor of domestic violence. As someone who had experienced domestic violence and abuse, Angela has been able to identify twenty different types of domestic abuse, instead of the four popular known types, that victims encounter. Her deep understanding of the issue makes her an industry leader in domestic abuse and violence-related therapy. Having survived all twenty-four different types of domestic abuse, Angela is now passionate and well-positioned to help other victims of domestic abuse with her survival strategies to become better and stronger.

To learn more about Gently Empowered Motivational Therapy for Domestic Abuse, visit or book a one-on-one online session with Angela Murray by visiting and get help from an Expert Psychotherapist.

About Angela Murray

Angela Murray is a motivational psychotherapist specializing in helping survivors of domestic abuse overcome their trauma. Angela has 13 and a half years of personal experience of extreme domestic abuse and violence, so she knows first-hand the devastating impact abuse can have on a victim’s life, health and wellbeing. After qualifying as a psychotherapist, Angela developed The Gently Empowered treatment program, free workbook, and worksheets which she promotes on her website specifically to help survivors of domestic abuse heal from their trauma and build the life of their dreams.

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