Boost Results Exponentially – Dr. Douglas M. Brown Reveals Breakthrough Business Risk Management Techniques

April 28 19:15 2020

Williamsburg, VA, USA – Risk management expert and author Dr. Douglas M. Brown has assembled a diverse team of professionals in Global Hot Spots: How Project and Enterprise Risk Management Practices Drive Business Results Around the World. It is the fourth book in his series on the Simmer SystemSM, which replaces expensive “transformations” with common sense actions using existing resources to overcome gridlock and organizational resistance. Dr. Brown’s counter-intuitive techniques have helped many high-profile corporations and government agencies in breaking down the barriers that perpetuate poor performance.

Dr. Douglas M. Brown has spent over 20 years as an internal manager and consultant integrating the many management practices needed to achieve organizational synchronization. With an extensive background in recovering public sector programs, Dr. Brown has also set up business practices in commercial companies, ranging from medical devices to IT giants. He has learned that real change means shifting the culture voluntarily, which the Simmer SystemSM does by helping managers collaborate on the problems that matter most to them. Brown reveals that Global Hot Spots essentially wrote itself after highly experienced professionals from around the world identified so strongly with his earlier risk book (Hot Spots) that they wanted to share their practices too. Brown freely admits that they are all more experienced and better known than himself! The result is a neatly integrated view of how dozens of organizations in seven countries are boosting business success by applying effective risk management.

Global Hot Spots provides a detailed look at how techniques are really used for effective risk management, rather than explaining a single methodology or practice standard. Each chapter considers a different aspect, providing readers with a “you are there” sense of the many ways to apply these practices, and showing how organizations can avoid failure altogether by deploying response actions before it’s too late (although some chapters are candid histories of how some organizations didn’t do that and came to regret it). This book is also full of practical tips and advice for business leaders and managers on the challenges and rewards of leading the modern workforce.

Douglas M. Brown, Ph.D., is known for his professional expertise and his unique outlook on how to minimize expenditures and maximize results. He has extensive qualifications and experience with Lean Sigma Six, Scaled Agile, and much more. With his books, he reaches a large demographic of people and helps organizations of all sizes to overcome the barriers they impose on themselves.

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