To Combat COVID-19 and Future Viruses, Blue Perigee Donates Innovation Consulting Services Potentially Worth $3+ Million

April 30 00:27 2020
To Combat COVID-19 and Future Viruses, Blue Perigee Donates Innovation Consulting Services Potentially Worth $3+ Million
Amid COVID-19 crisis, Blue Perigee donates innovation consulting services to medically related professionals to spur global innovation.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – April 29, 2020 – Blue Perigee, a wide-spectrum innovation company, is donating the Leonardo-Class version of its innovation consulting services to thwart COVID-19 and future viruses. This offer is currently open to 750 medically related professionals but the number of eligible participants may be increased if necessary.  According to the company’s CEO, Paul D’Angelo, “The potential value of the donated services exceeds $3.3 million.”

To spur marked innovation in fields as diverse as virus detection, containment, and treatment, logistics, supply-chain management, and technological development, the company’s services will be available to individuals and organizations from any country who work in medicine or a field with direct applicability to medicine. Various professionals are eligible for this offer, including hospital administrators, researchers, medical practitioners, pharmaceutical developers, technology experts, and government officials with medical-oversight authority.

In May, the company will offer a group consulting session via livestream. In addition, it will offer follow-up consulting via group discussion(s) on the company’s social-media channel dedicated to this special event. D’Angelo explained, “Our services are designed to ignite creativity, ingenuity, and innovation, especially in those who work in highly structured, regulated or specialized fields. Unfortunately, these types of fields typically dampen natural creativity, frown on experimentation, and encourage people to live in a knowledge bubble.”

He added, “Many people are capable of revolutionary innovation but they just don’t realize it. Producing innovation requires an innovation mindset, which represents a fundamentally different way of thinking and other distinct characteristics. Beyond that, an innovation mindset isn’t something you turn on and off. For cutting-edge innovators, especially serial innovators, that mindset permeates almost every aspect of their lives. And crisis or not, the world will always need more cutting-edge innovators.” 

About Blue Perigee

With a base in Nashville, a presence in Washington, D.C., and future presences planned for Dublin, Ireland and Auckland, New Zealand, Blue Perigee is a wide-spectrum innovation company.  Its innovative product and service portfolio includes offerings related to aerospace development, innovation consulting, communications and gaming using social acronyms, AI-focused, radiology-related services, innovation-centric advertising opportunities, an exclusive, innovation-oriented membership club, and an in-house institute dedicated to frontier technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Fintech.


Paul D’Angelo, CEO
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