A Sound of Positivity: “Contagious the EP” by Soulo Smith is Spreading

April 30 07:58 2020

The outbreak of pandemic is impacting the world right now. Everyone is dealing with the Coronavirus or Covid-19 at their best level. The government has declared a complete lockdown in every respective country and urged its people to follow the protocols guided by the World Health Organization to stop the spread of COVID-19.

In situations like these where everything is at a halt and everyone is obligated to stay at home, getting anxious and stressed is evident. Everyone is tired of listening to the non-stop news of the coronavirus across the globe and one needs a break. The artists across the globe have been trying very hard to entertain their fans and followers to be relaxed and entertained and not think about the quarantine time. Some have been posting stories, songs, painting, food recipes, workout videos, reading poems, etc. This comes as a way of being productive and helping each other to pass the time and not stress out about the situation of the coronavirus across the globe.

One such artist is Soulo Smith from Philadelphia who is stepping up and working towards making things easy and bearable for the people in whatever way possible. He is a writer, poet, actor, artist, and producer who recently released an EP, “Contagious the EP” inspired by the current situations in the world. The writer stated that he was moved and stuck with emotions with the situation in the world where everyone is in a state of panic and tiredness. The corona has affected several lives where several have lost their lives; everyone is trying to cope up with the situation.

Contagious the EP’ as the name suggests is full of emotional roller coaster rides one is going through right now and Soulo has engraved his essence in it. It’s something fresh yet relatable to his emotions, which clings upon one’s heart and mind. Contrary to its name, the EP is meant to spread positivity and happiness among people dealing with so much. Soulo has always had a touch of being a storyteller and this EP is living proof of that. The EP is written, recorded, and produced by Soulo himself and features, “Sick and Tired”, an emotional abeyance connecting the world with compassion and empathy.

Soulo’s music comes as a blessing in the time of quarantine and it needs to be appreciated. You can download ‘Contagious the EP’ today and enjoy the instrumentation flows and lyrics of SO-Un-Like-the-Others, Soulo Smith.  He added a little peppy dance number, ‘Wash My Hands’ along with hard rap lyrics found in ‘Contagious’ to enlighten the mood. The artist in him wants to spread out his positivity and happiness to the world and ask everyone to be safe and strong. This too shall pass.

Link: https://songwhip.com/album/soulo-smith/contagious-the

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