Bonsystems Global gives solutions for high demand of PET bottle

April 30 13:42 2020
Bonsystems Global gives solutions for high demand of PET bottle

A large number of sanitizer companies are struggling with supplying of plastic bottles and lids such as pump, spray, disc cap and flip cap. Because the sanitizer manufacturers had to resort to bottle manufacturer in developing countries to reduce goods price. Bonsystems Global is leading bottle industry by exporting bottles and caps all around the world.

How did they are able to export more than 1,000,000 pump bottles to other countries that have large economy like the United Kingdom and Australia.

Bonsystems Global’s services were started from OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturing) consulting. Based on their long-term product developing experience, they are able to keep pace with changing market and supply products quickly. Consequently, they have launched exporting service.

Trading team in Bonsystems Global said “We kept our eyes on the demand of personal hygiene product. Therefore, we could expect boom of hand sanitizer. That is why we brought plastic pump and bottle wholesale service.” And added “We have pumps, sprays, flip caps and disc caps in stock to be flexible in responding to customer’s various request.

Manufacturers who were under difficult situation commented they could meet their production schedule without any delay.

Now, Bonsystems Global can serve 500mL PET bottles, pump tops, spray heads and flip caps. The minimum order quantity is 10,000.

If you are suffering from loss of plastic bottles and tops, you may have a look at their webpage ( and contact to email ([email protected]).

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