MEGVII, Iflytek Appear In Taobao Creation Festival, WIMI Develops Its AI Face Holographic Cloud Service

April 30 22:01 2020

The annual Taobao Festival is finally coming! In Hangzhou Boiler factory full of hard core industry wind, there are not only super hi playing methods such as artificial meat, “Taobao thugs” and rocket restaurant, but also the most in and dazzling AI black technology!

Taobao creation festival can be said to be a maxed out network, this so-called creation festival in the history of the largest, the most creative exhibition, to bring everyone a creative carnival. In this carnival, various “new species” gather together, let creativity get the biggest release. Among them, AI games have become one of the creative exhibits attracting much attention. What is remarkable is that taobao creation festival has created a “city of the future” in the science and technology exhibition area. After several rounds of screening, some famous technology companies, such as MEGVII, iflytek, dji and HTC, have been selected to the region. As a “new species” in the field of artificial intelligence, MEGVII has built an “AI arcade” at the creation festival, which will bring dark technology games such as street fighter, wall coming, pet recognition, etc., and successfully attract many visitors to experience with cool gameplay.

It is understood that the street fighter, wall to the wall and other AI games created by MEGVII are based on 3D real-time human posture recognition technology. Not only let the exhibition audience experience the changes brought by artificial intelligence technology in a more interesting way, but also successfully popularized artificial intelligence technology, so that more people can understand AI. To make the virtual character follow the movements of the human, MEGVII first USES computer vision technology to flexibly track human bone points and then controls the robot’s movements to achieve this effect. More importantly, MEGVII 3D real-time human posture recognition technology can do more than that. Although the bones of the human body vary greatly from person to person in terms of dress, posture, perspective, etc., the technology is still able to track in complex situations and capture even smaller motions, all with improved accuracy and speed. This also makes the MEGVII3D real-time human posture recognition technology more widely used. Maybe in the future, besides motion sensing games, we can also see this amazing AI technology in 3D fitting, motion tracking, autopilot, human modeling and many other scenes.

Maybe in the future we will not only be able to see the amazing AI technology in motion games, 3D fitting, motion tracking, autopilot, human modeling and many other scenes, but also be more likely to be able to control the cool robot with its own actions, like Pacific rim!

As a well-known intelligent voice and artificial intelligence enterprise in Asia Pacific region, iflytek with A.I. new species strong landing on taobao creation festival, heavy pound to create “future sound club”, open “sound party”. The audience will not only be able to buff up and chat with the world in the “wuzhou telephone booth”, but also have the novel experience of “writing” postcards by sound. In addition, iflytek and taobao jointly created a new species for the creation festival – “A.I. press officer” became the audience’s high point, in the “future of the press” restlessly began.

The multi-language mutual translation function of iflytek 3.0 brings the magic experience of “in the hand of the translator, you can travel around the five continents” to the public, and also creates the imagination for the future communication mode. With the help of iflyx 3.0, bridge the gap of language communication barriers, connect you and me, and the world to chat. This may be the future at your fingertips.

The appearance of iflytek in taobao creation festival, is the embodiment of the application value of A.I. landing, but also highlights the iflytek continued to force the C end, promote the A.I. technology to practice, enrich the layout of the translation, transfer and other circuits. Relying on iflytek’s core speech technologies such as natural language processing and speech recognition, iflytek M1 has powerful functions such as real-time speech to text and translation. At the same time, it can also seamlessly connect to iflyao App, support remote control of hardware equipment, scanning code sharing real-time transliteration content, for text workers to bring a lot of convenience.

In addition to the above interactive experience area, a number of new species of iflytek A.I. will appear together in the “future audio club”, such as alpha egg, iflytek hearing L1, iflytek intelligent office book, iflytek learning machine, small flying fish, etc., to show the audience the unique charm of artificial intelligence products.

The number of ai-related companies reached 2,167, according to the China ai industry research report released by iresearch. Artificial intelligence enterprises can be divided into basic layer, technical layer and application layer. The technology layer mainly focuses on the research and development of applied algorithms such as computer vision, intelligent speech and natural language processing. The application layer is dominated by AI technology integration and application development.

Computer vision is the most successful technology for the application of artificial intelligence in China. Sensetime technology, kuangshi technology, youbixuan and WIMI are all ai enterprises in the field of computer vision. As an enterprise represented by holographic vision in China, weimei holography mainly concentrates its business application scenes in five professional fields, such as home entertainment, light-field cinema, performing arts system, commercial publishing system and advertising display system.

Equipped with advanced AR3D scanning applications and simulation solutions, WIMI can scan objects from all angles, capturing more detail than most of its peers. As a result, WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) can identify and capture up to 550 blocks of image data per unit, well above the average market level of 40 to 50, according to Frost&Sullivan. At the same time, with WIMI’s advanced big data and artificial intelligence analysis technology, weimei’s outstanding image processing technology and distribution algorithm enable WIMI to efficiently and intelligently synthesize, calibrate and optimize the best 3D model based on the captured original image.

WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) plans to continue to improve and enhance existing technologies, maintain its leading position in the industry, and create an ecological business model. Currently, WIMI’s holographic face recognition and holographic face change technologies are being applied to wmi’s existing holographic advertising and entertainment business, and the technology is being upgraded to make breakthroughs in more industry areas. WIMI aims to build a business ecosystem based on holographic applications.

WIMI intends to continue to invest significant resources to enhance WIMI’s ability to develop holographic AR content. WIMI is committed to enriching the holographic content portfolio of micro cloud information and providing high quality holographic experience for WIMI customers and end users. WIMI plans to continue to expand the holographic content library in various ways.

WIMI focuses on holographic AR. Currently, there are three ways to realize holographic AR, namely, holographic AR based on 2D screen, holographic AR based on headset, and holographic AR based on 3D space. For the first two, equipment is needed to obtain the hologram, while 3D holographic AR is not. This technology is displayed through a plane transparent film made of special materials.

Among the three holographic AR products, WIMI currently provides products and solutions mainly for holographic AR based on 2D screen and holographic AR based on 3D space. It is worth noting that, like smartphones, the holographic AR field also has a huge industrial chain.

At present, the industry is in a period of adjustment. The capital of VR/AR hardware field is cold. Only brand manufacturers are continuing to develop and launch new products, and more capital is going into the field of content and application technology. WIMI’s current products include distribution operations services, applications and content development.

In terms of the value of the industry chain, WIMI ACTS as an intermediary vendor, connecting the SDK operating platform and application developers. Apple, Google, baidu,, alibaba and netease all have their own AR SDK platforms. As an intermediate platform, WIMI supplements the basic kit provided by SDK platform, allowing users to complete software applications more conveniently.

From a business model perspective, WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) is a solution provider that integrates applications and content, as well as services, and outputs a complete solution based on the real needs of downstream customers.

The AI black tech games brought by MEGVII and hkust at the taobao creation festival have enabled more and more people to see the infinite possibilities brought by artificial intelligence. In the future, with the development of big data, cloud computing, 5G and artificial intelligence technologies, SenseTime, WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) and other artificial intelligence enterprises will show more strength and bring more convenience and surprise to people’s life.

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