“YST 101,” A Chemical Oxygen Hazmat Hood, Now On Kickstarter

April 30 16:46 2020
Now seeking community support via Kickstarter, the YST 101 is a chemical oxygen hazmat hood that creates a closed air environment for survival and preservation of respiratory function in emergency scenarios.

A new lifesaving device, the YST 101 is an oxygen hazmat hood that can be used under any condition or circumstance threatening the human respiratory system. Each year, millions of people face toxic exposure in emergencies due to gas leakage, fire, smoke, and hypoxia, bringing about serious complications that include long-term illnesses or even death.

But with the YST 101, have a potentially lifesaving oxygen supply in a hood worn over the head. Creating a secured and enclosed environment with the lungs, oxygen is produced by cycling exhaled gases to create a wholly isolated internal respiration system. Harmful carbon dioxide gases, expelled with each breath, pass through the reactor and converts to oxygen while other non-toxic gases stay put. Fresh oxygen is then combined and delivered straight back to the lungs with each breath. By independent development via a controlling reactor, anyone can bring the transmission of CO2 and O2 to the right frequency and speed, simulating the breathing movement between a human and their natural environment.

Created with two national invention patents and seven practical application patents, YST 101 is a hallmark of innovation and revolutionary design. Providing people across the world with potentially lifesaving oxygen supplies, keep the YST101 packaged until ready for deployment at a moment’s notice to combat the threat of gas leakage, fire, smoke, or hypoxia on one’s respiratory system.

Now seeking support on Kickstarter, funds from this campaign will be used to support the YST 101, including associated production costs. Expected to release worldwide in early November 2020, the Kickstarter campaign is located on the web at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/raysh08-03/yst-101-chemical-oxygen-hazmat-hood

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The YST 101 is a chemical oxygen hazmat hood that creates a closed air environment for survival and preservation of respiratory function in emergency scenarios due to gas leakage, fire, smoke, or hypoxia.

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