XQ Innovation Coaches University of San Diego Students To Enhance Self-Awareness

April 30 16:54 2020
XQ Innovation has recently begun working with University of San Diego (USD) students to help them design impacting post-college life strategies. Through XQ Model coaching programs and assessments, students are being provided with a greater direction in life.

A group of USD engineering students were chosen to be a part of XQ’s original pilot program. Engineering students are often given the label that they are less social and lack people skills. When these students were assessed, a whole different side of their personality was revealed. As the adage goes, there is much more to an engineering student then meets the eye. The pilot program was a complete success, and students reported feeling a heightened sense of clarity and confidence on how to proceed in life.

We are thrilled to see XQ’s positive sphere of influence reaching younger generations. As part of XQ Innovation’s ongoing mission to help people get the best results in both work and life, coaching new generations of young people can have substantial micro and macro scale impact on our communities. Leadership in action can produce ripple effects.

XQ Innovation’s goal is to spread the program to universities worldwide, helping young people set their course to maximize the opportunities life affords them. Self-aware leaders and employees are far more effective due to their knowledge of their own strengths and limitations and how they compare to the population at large. By being shown areas of untapped potential and growth through the XQ Model, our next generation can find their unique strengths and gifts that better society.

XQ Innovation will continually be holding regular debriefings with USD students, to keep them on track and continue their path of self-awareness and development. Students can now pursue their goals with a greater sense of purpose because their compass is set, and they know what possibilities lie ahead.

The health and wellness of the people that make up an organization have proven to correlate to its level of success. Before optimized workplaces were in high demand, XQ Innovation was already working with proven scientific methods to help. The XQ Model finds determinants such as emotional intelligence, behavioral motivators, and business acumen that are then assessed and improved alongside a transformative focus on health, family, and personal wellness.

XQ Innovation’s proficiency in tackling people-based challenges is rapidly spreading beyond the corporate world. As XQ Innovation continues to push the envelope and steer meaningful awareness towards employee optimization, you can stay informed on the latest here.

About XQ Innovation:

This unique management and behavioral consulting firm takes great care in creating custom-tailored employee optimization programs for clients. From assessment to training to coaching, no two XQ programs are alike. At XQ Innovation, they find the science behind your organization.

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