Adenna Is Working Diligently Through The COVID-19 Outbreak

May 01 04:12 2020
Adenna Is Working Diligently Through The COVID-19 Outbreak
Adenna is a critical industry manufacturer that makes sanitary/clean supplies like disposable gloves and safety products, etc. to distributors around the country that provide people with necessary health and safety measures. Since the COVID-19 virus outbreak, they are overloaded with business. They made the following statement regarding their current status, and for public awareness about their company and what they do.

IRVINE, CA – Adenna is working harder and smarter, especially through the recent COVID-19 outbreak, as an essential business manufacturer of clean health and safety products. A spokesperson from Adenna made an informative and comprehensive statement today about the company and what they do, and how critical it is, particularly to the current CORONAVIRUS pandemic. Apparently, they have had a considerable increase in business since the virus began. Adenna manufactures many different clean, disinfectant and safety products such as disposable gloves and other disposable items, for distributors of these supplies, all over the country.

There are specifically two products they manufacture, disposable gloves and masks, which have obviously been in high demand since the virus broke out, Adenna says, and many other clean products as well. They want everyone to know that although their volume of business has increased significantly, causing some slight delays. However, they are definitely considered an “essential business” during this time of mandatory lockdown, and as such, are working around the clock to keep things running quickly and smoothly. An announcement to this effect can also be found on the “Home” page of their website, and at

Adenna offers a comprehensive supply chain of reliable solutions every day. They serve a multitude of industries including healthcare, dental, EMS and first responders, and others, too numerous to name. They make products other than disposable gloves and masks, such as laboratory and cleanroom supplies, infection control and washroom items, microfiber and floor care materials and many more. They ship these products in bulk to a variety of different types of distributors all around the United States. They also make positive contributions in their Green Our Earth Comfort Our Friends program. For every order they process and ship, Adenna plants a tree through American Forests, and has 10 meals served to those in need through the Feeding America program.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has begun, Adenna has experienced an increase in the volume of business they do. Because of the nature of the products they make, they are considered an “essential business” even through the nationwide lockdown, when most U.S. citizens are to quarantine themselves and stay at home. They are one of the leading manufacturers of disposable gloves and masks, the main two products that have been in such high demand since the COVID-19 pandemic. Americans were given the advice that they should use them, in order to give people some form of protection from the deadly virus. Adenna said today they are diligently working to fill every order as fast as possible, and to just have a little extra patience at this time.

More information about the supply chain can be seen at

About Adenna, Inc.

Adenna, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of disposable gloves and other disposable products, as well as wipers, sorbents, microfiber and floor care, washroom essentials, towels and rags, cleanroom items and many other safety products. They have over 20 years experience in the manufacturing and sales of disposable gloves and safety products, and more than 50 years in the washroom essentials and wiping cloth categories. They have 3 manufacturing locations; Knoxville, TN., Sparks, NV. and Ontario, CA. and their products are bundled and available for shipping from any of these locations.

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