COVID-19 THE LOVE STORY Ebook Now On Amazon

May 01 11:06 2020
COVID-19 THE LOVE STORY Ebook Now On Amazon

“Love Is the In Control, not a Virus,” Says Roe – Author of the Force Is In You. Roe’s new Book COVID-19 The Love Story
In a time of fear, the disruption is Love says Author of The Non Fiction book COVID-19 The Love Story. Known for his science based book The Force is In You, Jason Roe has emerged in COVID-19 to send a message of Love and tell the Story of the loving actions the world has witnessed in a mobilization of Love For One Another, the planet has ever seen. Roe refers to Earth as an ascending planet, and Love opens the key to recognizing we are all one.

To disrupt the narrative of fear, and be the rainbow in someone elses Sky is the inspiration of COVID-19 The Love Story. Author Jason Roe says “We recognize the acts of Love For One Another that emerged on a global scale in response to COVID-19 and the story needs to be told”. The Love Story is the focus of the book, and  Fear should no more hold attention. Known as author of the Force is In you Jason Roe, in 2016 launched the science based Non Fiction book “The Force Is In You” to scientific explain how things like synchronicity work. When you think of someone, and next they call you, Roe presents a scientific explanation, he also expands on the magnetic field of the planet and its connection to us all. 

The preface of his second book COVID-19 The Love Story seems to be Synchronicity in action too. The preface reads;

This Book is honor of all the Love, and in loving memory of loved one’s lost in this time. The Cover for this book was guided to me by what I consider to be Synchronicity, others call divine providence. To explain, I felt under used being in self-quarantine and I could be of more service. So I put out a prayer to the universe asking for guidance on how can I be of more help and service to others during COVID-19. The next day I went outside with my five-year-old Yorkshire terrier, whose name in Sky. To my surprise I discovered someone had played their inspired role in COVID-19 and chalked my walk way with a rainbow for all who pass by to see. When I read the message it inspired the writing of this book as a rainbow in someone else’s Sky. And as you can see, Sky wanted to be part of this purpose too, and be a rainbow in your sky too”. 


“Sky, 5 year old Yourshire Terrier Wants to be the Rainbow in Your Sky too, he is available for Youtube and Skype interviews,” says Roe. 

The Force Is In You Publishing, LLC Publisher and owner of the book has made the book avaliable therough Amzon Kindle  Smash Words, Create Space and the novel website Corona Virus Surviveal Club  a website established for meditation during self quarantine.

“I was on track to publish my second book the Laws Of Consciousness, however the COVID-19 presented interesting circumstances on Earth” says, Roe. We all see the obvious, and hear the narration of fear and panic on media. But life does not work out that way, nature is balanced, and were there is fear its oppositeis love. The narration of Love is all around this event. A coming together as one, a love for one another and a pouring out of compassion. Love is the more powerful energy on the planet at this time, and it spreads faster than any virus can. Say Roe. The book is out now on Amazon Kindle and Smash Words and will soon be available in paper back.       

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