Defunct Fashion Supersite Raised from the Dead After 10 Years

May 01 15:27 2020
Defunct Fashion Supersite Raised from the Dead After 10 Years

CHICAGO, USA – In 2009, a new website called was poised to take the fashion world by storm. The London-based high-powered beauty and fashion site was started by Simon Fuller, the founder of noted entertainment company 19 Entertainment, and Sojin Lee, a prominent UK businesswoman and CEO of TOSHI Ltd.

Fashionair quickly earned honorable mentions from major news and fashion outlets like Vogue, People Magazine, The New York Times, The Guardian, and more.

Unfortunately, it would go defunct a year later due to a lack of funding for the project.

But fans of Fashionair can now rejoice – as of December 2019, the site has been resuscitated.

Under the new ownership of blogger and website investor Cam Russo, as well as his team of veteran writers, Fashionair has converted its format from a subscription-based video site business model to a more user-friendly, article-based format accessible to everyone.

Fashionair now specializes in wedding advice, lifestyle tips, and makeup tutorials and reviews. It also includes in-depth, useful guides for fashion enthusiasts looking to stay on top of the latest trends.

Cam Russo recognizes the challenges that come with changing the format of a website, but is confident that Fashionair’s new layout and business model will surpass the Fashionair site first introduced to the world more than a decade ago.

“Simon Fuller and Sojin Lee did with Fashionair exactly what the most gifted professionals in their industries do best- created a new brand, generated a ton of hype around the brand, and continually experimented with new cutting-edge ideas to grow that brand,” Russo said. “Unfortunately, though, the project just did not see the success that they were hoping to see. But I’m grateful for the opportunity to bring new life to what they started, and with the help of my team, I’m more than confident that Fashionair will rise again.”

Russo, 27, is also a published author, blogger, SEO, and owner of the digital marketing site Kizaz.

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