Seller Empire introduces new advanced app for Amazon sellers at a fraction of price

May 01 20:35 2020
Seller Empire is a powerful seller support app for Amazon sellers which is designed to extend comprehensive support for the sellers yet at a more affordable cost than regular seller apps.

Brooklyn, New York – May 01, 2020 Amazon sellers struggling to find quality yet affordable seller tools can finally heave a sigh of relief. A new advanced seller app has assured to provide extensive support and a great host of functional features for Amazon sellers yet at a fraction of cost of other regular Amazon seller tools in the market. Titled “Seller Empire”, the app also offers free trial facility for new users.

Amazon seller tools or apps are nothing new but the regular ones charge hundreds of dollars which could be unaffordable for most of the Amazon sellers. On the contrary, the new advanced Seller Empire charges no more than a mere $4.95 a month to make things affordable for all Amazon sellers out there.

“Our goal is to help out Amazon sellers and we wish to cater to all of them, regardless of the size of business of a seller. We do understand many sellers are tired of highly expensive seller tools in the market which are unaffordable for most of them. Then, those that are available for cheap can’t offer all the needed features. We have been Amazon sellers ourselves and we have been in the same situation in the past. And this very crisis prompted us to develop an insanely powerful app for Amazon sellers that will be devoid of all the problems mentioned above. Thus, Seller Empire was born”, stated a leading spokesperson from Seller Empire.  

“Developed by sellers and for the sellers, Seller Empire is strategically equipped with all needed features for seller support and also it perfectly fits your budget.”

Seller Empire supports Amazon sellers with a thorough understanding of their true profit and not just general profit. What separates this app from the rest is that, it gets down to a per SKU profit analysis so sellers know on which specific items they are actually making a profit. 

The app is further armed with an extremely powerful alert system to prevent hijacking of a seller’s Amazon listing. In any incident a seller’s listing is compromised, the alarm immediately sends alert to the seller so that he can warn the hijackers and take appropriate steps before it’s too late. Besides, sellers also get prompt alerts if they are being wrongfully overcharged by Amazon any time.

“We have a FBA fee charge alert which will instantly alert you if Amazon overcharges you. This way, you can file a case against Amazon to prevent loss of money for weeks for unlawful overcharging.”

As per the spokesperson, Seller Empire is equipped to track the Amazon ranking of keywords on a seller’s private label product so that the user can gauge the actual potential of the keyword used. Sellers will also be able to track product reviews and sales rank.

Speaking further, the spokesperson highlighted on the unique features of Seller Empire:

  • Intelligent Amazon seller dashboard offers clarity on “true” profit
  • Tracking of optimal keyword for listings
  • Complete overview of seller’s Amazon business featuring all major aspects like total assets in Amazon, inventory value, 30-day sales and expense cost etc.
  • Support with inventory management 
  • Immediate alerts to prevent loss from hijacking or overcharging
  • Understanding of sales trend on products
  • Support with email marketing
  • Email automation to facilitate customer help
  • Tracking of advertising expenses
  • Data guarded with Triple-layer encryption

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