NHU’s rank among the top 500 listed companies in China in 2019 reached a higher level

May 04 12:44 2020

In 2019, China’s top 500 listed companies were announced. The data shows that the total market value of top 500 enterprises is about 63.7 trillion yuan, up 29% compared with 49.4 trillion yuan in 2018. NHU ranked 266 in the list with a total market value of 50 billion yuan, up 21 places from the previous year.

Through technical cooperation, NHU has achieved continuous and steady growth of performance by innovating, making good products and continuously taking the road of high-quality development. By the end of 2019, the total market value of NHU has increased from 1.5 billion yuan at the beginning of listing to 50 billion yuan with an increase of about 33 times.

Since 2004, as the first listing of small and medium sized boards, NHU has consistently adhered to the road of marketization and implemented the integrated, serialized and collaborative development ideas, driven by innovation and development, promoted industrial transformation and upgrading, and successfully developed several high quality products in nutrition, flavor and fragrance, API, and new materials.

In terms of talent cultivation, NHU strove to build a talent highland, attract outstanding talents with the company’s broad development platform, and retained talents with its unique teacher culture and contributor-based system of encouragement. In addition, NHU has also explored a new mode of cooperation between researchers and experts in Colleges to participate in the large-scale production and construction of enterprises. The combination of enterprises and universities can make innovation and entrepreneurship more closely linked. Enterprises can not only provide necessary R & D resources, but also provide a platform from theory to practice.

NHU has always inherited the enterprise mission of “innovating fine chemicals and improving the quality of life”, adheres to the concept of innovation driven, balanced and sustainable development, and provides solutions for customers in more than 100 countries and regions around the world in animal nutrition, human nutrition, medicine, life health, environmental protection, engineering plastics, etc. to continuously improve human life with high-quality, healthy and green products. Today’s NHU has established a close cooperative relationship with leading enterprises in the industry at home and abroad, and has been moving towards the goal of “NHU in China, NHU in the world”. In the future, NHU will continue to give full play to its advantages in chemistry, process technology research, equipment automation and other aspects, improve the added value of products, and provide customers with personalized solutions in the field of fine chemicals!

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