Rapper Artist SNSG Releases New Single ‘Losing My Mind’

May 04 14:42 2020

Artist SNSG has decided to change the world by combining gaming and music. He recently released a single by the title ‘Losing My Mind’. There are several similarities between the gaming world and music. Those who develop games are creative people. Creativity can be applied in music to produce top-performing songs. It can be seen through the great achievement SNSG has achieved in the world of music. He is a self-competing person who decided to venture into music after getting experience from his gaming adventure. Several things happen when people are involved in gaming. Some game scenes involve a lot of creativity and can be applied in the real world to earn a living. SNSG decided to utilize the skills he earned from the gaming world to develop music.

SNSG’s real name is Alex Mendoza. He grew up in Royal Oaks, California, where he started playing video games such as Call of Duty and Fortnite. He was playing for fun, after which he graduated to become a professional. In 2028, his passion for gaming took him to another level. He created SNSG Company, LLC. It is not easy to start a successful company, but he made it. He is a hardworking person who decided to start his own company. The company deals with content creation. As a way of expanding his reach in the field of content creation, he decided to venture into music production.

Losing My Mind

His inspiration came from content creators such as YouTube sensation Mr,Beast, and top rappers such as Dough Boyz and Ca$h Out. He is dedicated to change the music scene by combining his skills in gaming and music. His love for music has made it possible to create an opportunity for himself. Nowadays, the world is full of competition. For one to succeed, he has to do something extraordinary. He decided to combine his skills from gaming and music, where he has managed to stand out.

Although SNSG started from a humble beginning, he has tried to achieve great success. He is among the few professionals who have worked with dedication to realize great success in the music industry. It is good to make efforts and try new things in life. Few people are ready to take the initiative and try new things in life. It is a different case with the musician. After being involved in gaming adventure, he developed an idea which he brought to music. His song has been widely accepted on several platforms. As a way of reaching out to more people through his music, he has availed it on top social platforms that share music.

He is an inspiration to many. From a humble beginning, he developed an idea and moved forward to chase his passion. His great move has moved many people. He decided not to get involved in music blindly; he developed an idea after which he decided to follow what other successful musicians are doing. He is among highly successful people who have made great success in the life of gaming and music.

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