New Single ‘Sleepless‘ Released by Artist SNSG Worldwide

May 04 14:43 2020

Artist SNSG started from a different platform before venturing into music. He had a passion for gaming, where he used to play video games such as Call of duty and Fortnite. He decided to become a rapper, and has produced several songs. ‘Sleepless’ is his latest song. The song has been widely shared on content sharing platforms. Followers on his social profiles are very happy about the way he decided to come from the unconventional lane and make great success in the music industry. His self-competition mentality has allowed him to have significant experiences when compiling different songs. The world of gaming involves several scenes that open up people’s minds. As a successful gamer, he managed to master several skills from the gaming scene, which inspired him to try his luck in the music industry.

SNSG is known as Alex Mendoza in his official identity card. He grew up as a normal boy in Royal Oaks, California. He loved applying video games such as Call Of Duty in his early years. He claims to have gotten a lot of inspiration from his love for video games. His passion for video games pushed him to create SNSG Company, LLC. In the company, he deals with content creation, where he decided to expand his reach to include music as part of the content he creates. His entry into the music career has made him very successful.


It does not matter where one starts. With determination, one can reach great heights and make great success in life. His passion for video games and the dedication to succeed made him try his luck in the music industry. He has proved to be highly successful in the scene. There are several successful musicians whom he tries to get inspiration from.

He admits to influenced by successful musicians in the industry, such as Dough Boyz, Ca$h Out

and Mr. Beast, who is a successful YouTube sensation. He decided to combine his love for gaming and music to create a career for himself. It is just the start, and he plans to move on and make his company grow. He started the company back in 2018, but he has done a lot. He is among the few people who are eager to take the initiative and try to move the ceiling.

Many people who have got the opportunity to listen to his music have praised his moves. He is among the few musicians who are upcoming but committed to making things happen. His song has attracted a lot of people. He is a talented rapper who uses a different way to reach the audience. His moves have inspired many youths. He has taken the right steps and worked with determination to succeed. Some of the lessons people draw from him is working with determination and getting inspiration from other people who have made in the industry. Following other successful people plays a great role in creating a sense of direction.

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