Artist Reesy Wright believes that MOST PEOPLE IN RELATIONSHIPS SUFFER FROM PTSD and need to heal before starting a new relationship

May 04 13:26 2020

With the release of her latest single “Drinking and Smoking”, artist Reesy Wright is sending out a message to her fans to not suppress but acknowledge their emotions, the feelings of heartbreak, and sadness. It is a beautiful song describing nuances of a relationship and how heartbreak leaves one feeling shattered with different thoughts and sentiments rushing through the mind. She believes that most people suffer from PTSD and it is important to be healed completely before getting into a new relationship.

In her latest single “Drinking and Smoking”, Reesy showcases her powerful voice, propulsive cadence, and evocative songwriting skills that pull the right strings of the heart. This song is a part of her musical project “Transparency”, a series of singles that tell the story of how to love yourself to love someone else. With these songs, Reesy covers various aspects of relationships, from falling in love to break up, the feeling after, and importance of protecting your ‘energy’. It’s all about self-love and keeping a positive vibe that allows you to grow from something that was not meant to be.

Emphasizing her message about love and relationships, Reesy states, “Love yourself enough to let things go, but also to love again. Protect your energy by protecting your peace even if it means starting over. And Love unapologetically even if the other person turns out not to be yours forever. You will hurt, but you will never regret true honest behaviors.”

Reesy grew up in a family of singers and started singing in a choir at a young age. She would frequently listen to R&B music on the radio station and fell in love with 90’s music. She eventually adopted a R&B and Urban-neo-soul style in her music. She started creating her music in 2007 and garnered a loyal fanbase in her area, thanks to MySpace. With the social media boom in the following years, Reesy got a platform to showcase her talent and expanded her fanbase, landing several shows, and events. Some of the artists that inspired her through the journey are Whitney Houston, Chaka Khan, Faith Evans, Lauryn Hill, Beyonce, and Kelly Price.

She was ready to leap in her career but decided to take a break to finish school and start a family. She is making a powerful comeback with her latest musical project. “Now I’ve reemerged, more matured and unapologetic”, adds the artist.

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