Togbok – The Stepping Stone for Today’s Social Media

May 04 13:30 2020

Togbok is a Trendy and Unique Way to be socially active today. It’s a perfect blend of privacy with its Social media.

Communicating with friends and family, sharing your thoughts or knowing people from different parts of the world and safeguarding your privacy simultaneously has become much easier and efficient in people, with Togbok.

Being active socially is more fun now, with Togbok. So Click, Post, Share your feelings with your loved ones, or be in touch with the world now without worrying for your Privacy.  


Your Privacy: Safeguarding your privacy is our responsibility. Togbok is a smart Social media platform that aims in bringing back privacy in Social Media. That is it lets you sign in without even using your personal information’s. 

Communication with the World:

Communicating with the world is just a few steps of signing in away. You can communicate and collaborate with your friends, families and the world just after signing in to Togbok. It is safer, swift, easy to use and fun.

Status Update:

Share a status, be updated and let the world know what’s in your mind. You can now remain updated about the number of views and likes your status has gathered with Togbok.


With this new feature, let your friends know the activity you are doing in your page with is feature called Togs, which keeps users updated when something is added to the profile page.

No Negativity are endorsed.

Post, Share or Chat in a care free manner without thinking of negativity, with Togbok. Users here are kind, friendly and unbiased who look forward to make more friends from all over the world without being negative.

Say no to Snarkyness 

Togbok is a platform which is an improved and better version of today’s social media.  It also strongly opposes snarky activities, so you can easily report on seeing or reading any objectionable activities.

Carrier Options with Tog Bok

This unique feature makes Togbok a perfect blend of benefits with fun, especially for our youths today. As they are the once to be most socially active in social medias, being updated and keeping update is a part of their daily regime. But along with that, one can now search for jobs in Togbok on being online, there are many employers in Togbok today in search of employees for their companies who can hire many youths relevant to their work. It’s a greatest contribution towards today’s youth, which helps them defining their career. 

Our reviews

For so many innovative, easy and essential features people all over the world are taking a hike on other social media sites to join in Togbok and are showering love on us through their reviews and overwhelming comments, which is there on our website –

About Us:

Togbok is a unique platform that brings evolution in Social media today bringing back privacy into Social media along with safeguarding it. This feature obsoletes the risk of others accessing your personal information. Thus sharing becomes much safer like never before.  Togbok provides easy and quick application, keeps optimistic views thus giving room to all its users to share their heart out without hesitating about people and their thoughts. Providing good carrier options to the youths is one of the many reasons why people all around the globe love us. Togbok is simple yet smart application available both for phones and for PCs. It can be downloaded from app stores in a quick easy step.

Contact Us:

You can visit us at our website – or mail us at [email protected].

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