RedrumSociety Releases Acoustic Album After Going Viral On Social Media

May 04 15:40 2020

Growing an indie music group in the Palm Beach music scene can be tough, but the admired local band, RedrumSociety, appears to be making a fantastic go of it. RedrumSociey is the band behind popular tracks such as Ego, How I Cope, and Crumble, and they have announced their new acoustic album.

The album, titled “Redrum Acoustic Vol. 1”, will mark an interesting departure from previous sounds. Normally the band blends an interesting mix between indie rock and alternative. This new acoustic album offers a different sound altogether. The album is a remix of previous released tracks; Ego, Crumble, How I Cope, and In My Bed. This acoustic album can go a long way to help open up the Palm Beach-based band to a whole new audience.

Moving on from the success of each single release and a successful performance on “60 Minutes”, the band looks to have found an new musical niche. Having gained positive headlines earlier on in the year by donating royalties to affected music execs during the COVID-19 crisis, the band now is back on the musical scene and releasing new content.

The album, which is expected to be released this month, will focus on topics that will feel close to the heart of many music fans today. An acoustic sound offers an interesting departure from previous works, creating an interesting blend of sounds and themes from a band with a quickly growing reputation. Having focused on blurring the lines between normal indie rock and more alternative music, this is yet another interesting audio experiment from a band with a very bright future ahead of itself. With many people finding out about the band through their creative use of social media and their approach to music as a means of emotive storytelling, RedrumSociety might have a new audience to look forward to for their album release.

For fans of the band, and new fans, this should offer an interesting new take on quite a unique sound. The band, headed up by Zach Cohen, has a history of being influenced by blues and funk hits. This more soulful approach to musical writing could offer a whole new take on their music.  Expect more information to be released about the album in the near future.

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