Pure Digital Pte Ltd Launches Pure Leads, Leads Generation and Distribution Software to Help Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses Track Their Leads

May 04 17:32 2020

Pure Digital Pte Ltd, a company that is widely known for designing software that helps small businesses and entrepreneurs grow their businesses, is at it again! This time around, the company announces the launch of Pure Leads. This software is a powerful yet easy-to-use leads generation and distribution software service, which also helps users track their leads till conversion. Pure Leads is a SaaS platform designed for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Apart from being priced affordably for small businesses and entrepreneurs, Pure Leads empowers users with the ability to attract leads through its easy-to-use form builder. Using its powerful contacts function, every user of Pure Leads software gets the help they need to nurture their leads through the buying process. Furthermore, Pure Leads helps users assign the leads to their most qualified sales representative for follow-ups.  The company understands that every lead’s need is different, and this requires active discussion to fully understand their needs.

Pure Leads shines in its ability to track the communications, needs and goals of each lead within a single platform. The platform is designed in a way that enables business owners, entrepreneurs, and their businesses to easily integrate their lead generation forms to external sites, distribute their leads internally and drive more sales in a sustainable manner. A clean and easy-to-use dashboard view provides business owners a complete view of where leads are coming from and the conversion rates. Some impressive features available on the Pure Leads lead generation platform includes: 

  • user-friendly interface
  • easy-to-use drag and drop form builder,
  • ability to distribute leads to team members for follow up
  • comprehensive tools to track leads till conversion.

“Many entrepreneurs and small businesses today are finding it hard to capture leads or convert their prospects, which is hurting their business and making it difficult for them to survive in today’s highly competitive market. Pure Leads is designed specifically to assist business owners in automating their sales by helping them to generate right leads, track the leads till conversion, helping them to increase their online presence and customer base,”
said Jeremy, from Pure Digital Pte Ltd while addressing journalists at the launch of Pure Leads. “We have designed this software in such a way that it is easy to use, affordable, and can generate more sales for businesses. Interested users should visit pureleads.co or email to [email protected],” he concluded.

To ensure each user of Pure Leads enjoys the full benefits of the platform, users with early access will enjoy the service for free during this early access period. Interested users only need to indicate their interest on the Pure Leads website at https://pureleads.co and the company will provide them early access to the Pure Leads service. Alternatively, interested parties can also email to [email protected]

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