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May 05 06:30 2020

Since the outbreak of global pandemic COVID-19, WHO (World Health Organization) urges people to stay home as there is, as of yet, no vaccines to permanently prevent the coronavirus from infecting humans. 

A ton of organizations including health related agencies, have highlighted several ways to stay safe until the tide clears up. There is no better way to stay safe than being affected. But, during this global crisis, it may not be possible for individuals to stick to home and meet their daily needs (starving food, household appliances). Hence, it’s advised to bring essentials by safeguarding with wearable protective masks, avoid close contact, frequent hand sanitization, during this lockdown. 

With the current scenario, people purchasing household essentials in bulk is undeniable and has adverse effects on the global market. One of the consumer psychologists, Paul Marsden at CNBC stated that “Panic buying of goods and services can be interpreted with the three fundamental psychological needs, autonomy, relatedness, and competence”. 

We had witnessed a significant drop in consumers spending for restaurants, travel, personal accessories, and entertainment due to the outspread of coronavirus across the globe. Besides, there is a rise in online shopping for groceries from young adults to old-age people. The social distancing factor is driving people to take advantage of e-purchases without the hassle and continues until the situation becomes normal. 

Despite the effect of COVID-19, world’s e-commerce sales bubble up to 74% in March compared to the preceding year (March 2019) and may even rise to 4.5% by the end of 2020. Although it’s good news for pretty digital marketers, the success mantra relies on the merchants who supply the best – groceries, home, and kitchen appliances. 

“Reviews.Guide aims at making a difference in how individuals seek products online.” – Mithun Manoj, Co-founder DeepBrainAI

We at DeepBrain use data-driven AI technology along with a behavioral tracking mechanism to evaluate trends and make it easier for merchants to enhance sales. The shopping assistance tools promote premium brands to bring high-quality prospects for potential customers at one-go. 

In today’s competitive world, thousands of websites are emerging day-to-day, and you will be baffled with a plethora of choices. However, it’s a troublesome process, and one may end wasting time, money, and effort in picking fraudulent models. Hence, we strive hard to bring with proprietary algorithms and marketing research work into play to list the best brands of the available, maintaining transparency.

How Reviews.Guide is Making Things Easier comes as a one-stop solution for people looking for the best in the market at affordable pricing. Adding up, we constantly strive to improve the quality of living by bringing better choices in the e-commerce industry through unbiased reviews, ratings, and updated content across the US, UK, Canada, and India platforms. 

Backing up, our data-driven algorithm tackles the complex programs, followed by a review engine system which identifies the top-notch products in the market. Finally, you can pick and buy from the curation of the best list for each specific category. The team of experts make sure the product list is constantly upgraded with ever-changing trends and reviews.  

“Our approach towards displaying products involves carefully analyzing the highest-rated options on Amazon and pairing with niche-focused predictive tools and data-driven strategies.” 

Moreover, the algorithm displays critic reviews as well to give you an in-depth idea about the shopping lists you purchase online. Apart, many businesses slumped, and Amazon enjoyed the unexpected boost. In this lockdown period, Amazon global sales thrive upto 36% during the first week of April. Many consumers have flocked to buy food, personal care products, cleaning supplies and retailers turned up the inventory levels across this platform. Do check-out the product description, price, warranty, shipment details before purchasing online for a streamlined experience.

About Reviews.Guide comes as a one-stop solution for buyers who aspires to get top-notch products from the curation. We make use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze marketing trends and enumerated the best products of distinct categories. 

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