Gifted Students in the Amphitheater Public School District “REACH” Their Goals

May 05 12:00 2020

The Amphitheater Public School District recognizes that some students need additional opportunities to challenge them and help them continue to grow. One of the programs in the District that helps students succeed is the Gifted Education REACH Program. REACH stands for Realizing Excellence through Academic and Creative Help. The program is in place to help advanced students “reach” their full potential.

In the REACH programs, the goal is to “support intellectual, academic, creative, social and emotional development of our gifted students and our advanced learners, ensuring they receive an appropriate and engaging gifted education, all day and every day, according to their abilities and potential.”

In order to participate in the REACH program in the Amphitheater Public School District, students must score at or above the 97th percentile on an Arizona Department of Education approved test in at least one of three areas. Once students have tested into the program, there are different options available depending on the age of the student.

Students in the REACH program in elementary school can participate through two programs, the cluster program or the pull out program.

In the cluster program, students are placed in a classroom together for the school year, where they are taught advanced and accelerated curriculum daily. This allows students to receive individualized education and instruction.

In the pull out program, students in 1st grade receive one hour of gifted education instruction, and 2nd through 6th graders receive two. REACH teachers pull the students out of the classroom during the week to help the students develop creative and critical thinking skills.

Students in middle school can also participate in the REACH program through a REACH humanities class. The class serves as a social studies credit, and the curriculum is taught in greater depth. Students in 6th through 8th grade can participate in the problem-based learning.

To learn more about the gifted REACH program and other great programs in the Amphitheater Public School District, visit the district website!

About Amphitheater Public Schools:

Amphitheater Public Schools has a long history of excellence, going back to 1893, when the first school opened with 11 students. Today the District has 21 campuses and more than 12,500 students. Amphi’s teachers are skilled and highly qualified. They participate in ongoing professional development, and many have national certification. They have excellent and well-proven strategies to enhance learning. Amphitheater Public Schools offer a demanding and rigorous curriculum aligned with current standards. The District’s educators focus on skills students need in today’s workplace, including creativity and innovation, critical thinking, communication and collaboration. We prepare students to meet the challenges of a changing world.

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