[UPDATED]: Aloe Vera Gel Can Be Used In Combination to Make a DIY Hand Sanitizer During COVID-19 Pandemic

May 05 13:44 2020
[UPDATED]: Aloe Vera Gel Can Be Used In Combination to Make a DIY Hand Sanitizer During COVID-19 Pandemic

San Diego, CA The COVID-19 pandemic has made alcohol-based hand sanitizers increasingly difficult to find, not to mention that many of those still available on the market, while meeting the volume of alcohol required to fight the virus, are not exactly the most skin-friendly products, which makes very convenient to learn how to make a DIY hand sanitizer by just using some simple ingredients that, if selected properly, can help to take care of the skin while eliminating the virus. 

Globo Surf is a very famous website among water sports fans, as well as those looking to have a good time at the lake, the beach or the pool, and equip themselves with the best resources for that outdoor experience. Among its different useful articles, Globo Surf offers comprehensive information about the 10 main brands of aloe vera gel available in the market, which allows buyers to be much more confident about the quality of the product to be acquired.

For thousands of years, people all over the world have enjoyed the great benefits of aloe vera gel, as it has proven to be a great natural resource for the whole body. Among other uses, the gel extracted from aloe vera leaves has become very popular for skincare, as it promotes collagen and elastin, making it a great ingredient to consider if good quality hand sanitizers are in short supply.

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The WHO recommends using 70% rubbing alcohol or higher to make DIY hand sanitizer. This combined with high-quality Aloe Vera gel and essential oil makes the perfect formula for both the elimination of viruses and bacteria, as well as a great option for taking care of the hand skin. While Aloe vera gel is an easily available product not all those available on the market can be considered a good quality that is why obtaining useful information about a product can help buyers to select the best aloe vera gel and Globo Surf reviews all the top aloe vera gels that can be used for this purpose.

In addition to their useful aloe vera gel articles, the site offers relevant information and real review about different products such as camping furniture, sports equipment, sleeping bags, hanger rods, or anything else that is indispensable to ensure a great day. Globo Surf was founded with the mission to help as many people as possible to get the right gear for outdoor activities, especially for aquatic sports, that is why its founder, David Hamburg and his tea, do whatever it is in their hands to give their visitors as much knowledge as possible about all it has to do with water sports. 

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