Star Sapphire, the Star on Earth, Natural Gemstone by Star Lanka

May 05 14:36 2020
Star Lanka offers natural blue star sapphire to its discerning and esteemed customers. This gemstone, of the corundum family, displays a beautiful star on its surface, earning it the nickname – “The Star on Earth.”

According to announcements released by Star Lanka, the company has an excellent range of blue star sapphire in its inventory. The sapphires, in different hues of blue, exhibit a phenomenon known as asterism, which results in light being reflected in the shape of a star, with six or more rays. The star sapphires can be shaped round, oval, pear, and even marquise. 

The streaks of white appear to be emanating from the blue depths of the sapphire and give this stone a mesmeric appeal. The asterism is most clearly visible during the daytime. Not every raw sapphire exhibits asterism; around three in hundred do. And of these, only one displays the attributes that experts at Star Lanka value.

According to sources, sapphires belong to the corundum group of stones and are extremely hard. The blue star sapphire also displays another property known as pleochroism. It takes on different colours according to the angle it is viewed at. Star sapphires are associated with the planet Saturn. Sapphire is the birthstone for September. 

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Star Lanka said, “Blue Star Sapphire will have a blue hue, and part of the corundum family with beautiful asterism that is clearly visible. Mined from several localities like from Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Myanmar, and Vietnam, these gemstones are also referred to as six ray’s gemstones as well as “Star on Earth.” At Star Lanka, we have a carefully curated collection of untreated and unheated blue natural star sapphire that has been processed in Thailand. 

“Over many years we have been in this industry, our experts have gained the experience and expertise to perfect the reshaping, resizing, and polishing of the gemstone to turn the precious stone into an exclusive piece. This passion for customer satisfaction and beauty is visible by the quality of our stock. Our experts maximize the lustre and fire within the minerals according to each mineral property. This way, we maximize the splendour of each gem.”

About the company, Star Lanka said, “The story of Star Lanka begins in 1985, founded by Mr. Veera Salahudeen, a humble man with a passion for beauty. Since then, the company has been growing, steadily and consistently, into a reliable source for quality gemstones, with offices in Thailand and Hong Kong. We specialize in a variety of gemstones, from rubies to garnets, a wide range of semi-precious stones, and a large collection of tourmaline. You can find anything you are looking for when it comes to beautiful, high-quality gems. Our passion shows through in each of our products. While we aim high, we don’t forget our humble beginnings.”

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