Insomnia – The Game-Changing Brand that Doesn’t Follow any Rules

May 06 09:36 2020

Faviol Seferi didn’t follow any of the perfume market rules!

Insomnia is a French niche perfume that has been created in accordance with the principles of the so-called haute perfumery. Perfume insomnia became an overnight phenomenon shortly after its release.

Faviol Seferi and Martinez Boutiques created the most enchanting and emotive scent possible, they say.

The perfume was launched 2 years ago and in this short period it has grabbed the attention of millions and totally changed the perfume market.

Unlike mass-marketed perfumery where the fragrances are aimed at satisfying the generic mass market, Faviol Seferi aimed to create something extremely distinctive and special. He then started a collaboration with Sezer Sabah And Svetoslav Rusev – the noses behind his scent and partners in his company.

“I’ve never liked mass-marketed perfumery. They are like a copy/paste machine that show the simplest facets of the scents, and sometimes the low quality of the ingredients too. I wanted to do something more, something truly special. I wanted to present affordable niche perfumery to the public! Something that no other brand has done before now! So we created something extraordinary and our focus was on originality. We skipped the main disadvantage of niche fragrances – their high price. I wanted to bring high level (Haute) perfumery to a large demographic of fragrance lovers, without compromising the true quality and essence of night perfumery. In other words, to provide high perfumery at an affordable price,” says Faviol Seferi.

Sezer Sabah shared with us that during the creation of the Insomnia, the flagship fragrance of the House, the hardest part was creating a niche perfume that is both realistic and wearable, yet still artistic in style, and appeals to both the casual user and the most ardent perfume fanatic.

It has been 2 years since the brand was launched. The success recorded by the brand within the first week of launching pleasantly exceeded the expectations of Faviol.

“There were tens of thousands of purchases of Insomnia by people that hadn’t even smelt the perfume – all buoyed by their faith in the vision of the house and the perfumer.

Since then, there have been thousands of positive comments about Insomnia on social networks. “It was like an unbelievable avalanche,” – said Faviol.

At the moment, the team that brought you the unbelievable Insomnia, is working hard on developing their new fragrance that will be available in the market in less than a year.

Will this new fragrance surpass the success of Insomnia? Will it take the brand to even greater heights? Time will tell. One thing is for sure: quality will not be compromised. Stay tuned.

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