Picavi USA Pick-by-Vision Profiled in The Manufacturing Report

May 06 11:36 2020
Picavi USA Pick-by-Vision Profiled in The Manufacturing Report

For those who were not able to attend MODEX 2020, there was important media coverage about Picavi USA, reported in The Manufacturing Report magazine. Carsten Funke, CEO of Picavi USA discussed how customers who use smart glasses report efficiency increases up to 30%. Read the entire article here.

Warehouse operations have been using the Picavi Pick-by-Vision since 2015. Smart glasses provide clarity in the warehouse, critical since warehouse work involves a lot of movement. The smart glasses do not slip, tip to one side, or set heavily on the nose. Using them is clear, simple, and intuitive.

Improved performance means a Pick-by-Vision system quickly pays for itself. Hands-free picking is achieved by using smart glasses to enable continuous material flow and uninterrupted shift operations in the warehouse. There is not a warehouse manager unaware of the costs of mispicks. Researchers discovered that a single mispick costs an average of $22. While that may not seem all that expensive, costs quickly add up to $390,000 annually for the typical business.

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About Picavi USA Pick-by-Vision

The Pick-by-Vision solution provided by Picavi makes it possible to visually manage the picking process for goods in intralogistics in a consistent manner. The use of this innovation maximizes productivity at warehouses and minimizes error rates. When wearing the smart glasses, warehouse workers have both hands free for their primary task, including picking and packing goods. Smart glasses are one of the most significant developments in order picking. Augmenting reality with context-based information makes work much more precise. The glasses have become an indispensable part of warehouse life. In this post, we explain the important aspects of introducing assisted reality.

Ease of handling is every worker’s dream come true. Pick-by-Vision forms a perfect symbiosis of modern technology and natural motion. Picavi offers smart glasses and complementary products that are tailor-made for the demands of man and machine. Customers benefit from an efficient and flawless material flow.

Picavi USA, based in Illinois, is a subsidiary of Picavi, headquartered in Germany, was established to provide greater proximity to customers in North America, as well as accelerate the development of business with an operations center in the USA. Carsten Funke, Chief Sales Officer and Partner at Picavi, has taken the CEO position of Picavi USA. Funke shared that Picavi USA will allow direct access to markets, making smart glasses available to customers and partners in the USA and adapt to specific warehouse and IT environments. Please call (312) 585-8312.

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