Innovative Teaching Solutions Announces New Best Online NCLEX Review with A 99% Pass Rate

May 05 15:22 2020
Innovative Teaching Solutions Announces New Best Online NCLEX Review with A 99% Pass Rate

Innovative Teaching Solutions (ITS) offers premium, comprehensive NCLEX Review courses that allow students to pass the exam on their first attempt with a 99% pass rate! ITS is committed not only to helping nurses obtain licensure but also to helping them find renewed hope to achieve their life-long dreams.

ITS understands that preparing for the NCLEX exam requires giving it all you’ve got and then some. The NCLEX exam is designed to test a nursing student’s assessment, knowledge, and clinical judgment skills to their boundaries and beyond. Many students describe the NCLEX as an impossible mountain. In fact, anxiety is the number one reason nursing students do not pass the NCLEX. Innovative Teaching Solutions serves as the bridge between the struggle to success, providing tangible skills to decrease anxiety and increase clarity. ITS’ belief that learning should be fun has created an innovative culture of making the test come to life wherein students experience many hands-on interactive activities serving to solidify their learning. 

When nursing students engage in Innovative Teaching Solutions’ courses, they learn strategies to break apart the questions in a manner that typically increases scores by 30%. Courses are available in ‘Live’ in-person classes or an online combination of Zoom/Video courses. ITS coaches students throughout the NCLEX prepping stage with comprehensive live & online NCLEX strategies and up-to-date content relevant to the exam. 

Innovative Teaching Solutions goes beyond working with students to train instructors on revamping their programs for the upcoming Next Gen NCLEX. Faculty workshop packages guide instructors through how to infuse clinical judgment into the classroom, clinical and lab setting as well as offering a hands-on item writing workshop to create Next Gen NCLEX style questions. ITS will even show you how to reengineer your old questions into the new format. 

Innovative Teaching Solutions’ CEO, Dianne Gremillion’s message to nursing students confers, “We may look like a test prep company, but we are really in the nurse creation business. What we want to see is you being proud of who you are, wearing your scrubs, clocking in at your nursing job, holding the hand of that 12-year-old girl or sitting by the bedside of that 85-year-old man that only you can touch, that only you were meant to bring hope and healing to in this moment. We are here to serve you in reaching your destiny!”

Innovative Teaching Solutions takes pride in its stellar record, having experienced a 99% pass rate for the past thirteen years with students who take their NCLEX review course and pass boards on their first attempt. On top of that, ten of their local schools earned a 100% pass rate in the past year. Most of the schools with whom they work regularly have had a 100% pass rate for several consecutive years.

Innovative Teaching Solutions truly believes in face-to-face, customization, and authenticity. Innovative Teaching Solutions is proud to present not just a premium product with top-notch instruction, but also free coaching from the time a student takes their class until they pass their exam. 

About Innovative Teaching Solutions

Innovative Teaching Solutions is a training company offering fresh and innovative teaching perspective. Founded and led by Dianne Gremillion, she understands what it takes to pass the NCLEX, and she understands how to get there. Her team is passionate about seeing students succeed throughout their program through Test-Taking Strategy courses, group and private tutoring, and test readiness.


To learn more about Innovative Teaching Solutions, contact them by phone at 405-503-4491.

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