BALLYA Offers Quick and Accurate Testing of Food Quality & Safety with Antibiotics Detection Kits

May 06 13:54 2020

May 6, 2020 Consumers around the world today are acutely aware of food safety and its importance, especially food categories such as milk, eggs or meat. BALLYA is a China-based manufacturer and R&D specialist of food testing kits and technologies in sectors such as milk and dairy, water and beverages, feed, grain and meat, and animal and pet healthcare. BALLYA food testing products are deployed across the world for ensuring safe food for everyone.

Advanced bio and food technologies from BALLYA are instrumental in ensuring public and animal health through the early detection of microbes and germs using highly advanced testing techniques. The company is among the leaders in microbial pathogenesis detection and aquaculture drug residues detection as well.

Our rapid testing technology for detecting antibiotics residue is famous, especially for raw milk. For over eleven years, we have researched and developed a wide range of antibiotic tests with multiple applications,” said a spokesperson from BALLYA.

BALLYA’s research team collaborates with many institutes and research labs for innovative future products with varying sensitivities and optimization for local deployment. All of these are safe, stable and sustainable diagnostic testing kits and solutions. For instance, the BALLYA mycotoxin detection kit can be used for testing cereals, grains and feed for a quick and accurate detection of mycotoxin in food with a color contrast method.

Among other BALLYA food testing products are 1-4 Sensors Antibiotic Testing Kits, simple testing kits for eggs and milk, end product indicators like aerobic culture media, Salmonella and E. coli culture media, and accessories such as mini pipettes, heating blocks, blood warmer for per surgery, and portable readers.

Founded in 2007 in Guangzhou, BALLYA’s food testing products are popular around the world and used at dairy plants, farms and food processing units. The biggest value offered by BALLYA is fast and accurate results for the food safety diagnosis industry.

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