Global Health Magazine & Supplies is Offering KN95 Masks to Help Fight the Spread of COVID-19

May 05 19:35 2020
There is a high demand for personal protective equipment such as masks all over the world. As the world continues to be gripped by COVID-19, Global Health Magazine & Supplies is offering KN95 masks that are priced fairly.

The COVID-19 global pandemic really put a lot of emphasis on personal protective equipment, especially in the healthcare field. The moment news of the virus spreading, people have been quick at buying masks in the hopes of not catching it. This put a lot of strain on manufacturers and vendors. For a time, it was almost impossible to get a hold of masks anywhere, even healthcare professionals who needed it the most were forced to reuse old masks. The problem is not all masks were designed to fend off the virus. In fact, to prevent contracting the virus or to stop infected people from spreading it, masks are the recommended type of personal protective equipment.

Of course, no amount of mask-wearing will ever compare to following self-isolation and social distancing but helps to be a little cautious especially when having to go out of the house for work or buying supplies. For this reason, Global Health Magazine & Supplies is pleased to report that they have KN95 masks in stock on their site, What’s more, their masks can be ordered online which means people don’t need to leave their houses just to get a hold of it.

The materials used for the KN95 masks are made from non-woven polypropylene fiber which effectively blocks 95% of all particulates that are 0.3 microns or bigger in size. The mask is also designed to prevent air from leaking through the sides during exhalation. These are not for medical use and to be discarded once used. KN95 masks are designed with a valve to reduce breathing resistance during exhalation.

KN95 masks are great for personal use when they are out of their homes to either work or do errands. GHP-Magazine can provide this highly important PPE on their site,, and they’ve even slashed their prices for the masks since they know how important equipment it is at the moment.

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