Helping Hand from A Turkish Start-Up to the Whole World in the Fight Against COVID-19

May 06 18:15 2020
Evreka called on all humanity to fight the pandemic and presented its solutions free of charge to the world as supportive in overcoming the crisis.

To fight against COVID-19, the world has been mobilized, and governments lend a helping hand to each other like never before. Multinational companies, NGOs, local businesses… everyone has started to do their best for humanity without a thought of personal gain. Because the only thing that passes through everyone’s mind and heart; how this process could be overcome with minimal damage as soon as possible. One of the secret heroes trying to deliver aid to the world was a startup that has emerged from Turkey.

“As humanity, we are face to face with a crisis; however, we do believe that by joining forces, we can overcome these hard times. As Evreka, we are ready to take on the responsibility to fight against COVID-19,” said Umutcan Duman, the CEO of Evreka.

Umutcan Duman explains: “In 2015, Evreka was founded as 4 partners. All four of us had one dream, which was to provide tools and services to create “Smart Cities”, we worked for it night after night. Sadly, in the early stages of 2017, we lost our close friend and co-founder Berkay because of a rare virus. Now we carry him in our hearts and his vision in our minds. Being aware of our responsibility towards the world, we approach the pandemic as precisely as possible, take the necessary measures, and offer various solutions to the whole world. We are dedicating devoting our help campaign to Berkay. ” 

In the current process, the waste collectors continue their duties meticulously and with dedication, just like the healthcare professionals. Evreka very well knows the value of the efforts of these anonymous heroes since the day it was founded and is happy to offer all its support so that they can continue their work more efficiently and safely. Considering its leadership in the waste management technologies sector, Evreka called on all humanity to support and fight the pandemic and presented its solutions free of charge to the world as supportive in overcoming the crisis situation.

Mali, Chile, and Turkey have heard Evreka’s call and started using these solutions for the health and safety of their own public. By this means, Evreka delivered its aid to 3 countries on 3 continents. Especially the management of quarantine zones and communication of the people in those regions with the authorities are provided by the applications developed by Evreka in Chile. Thus, all the vital needs of the people living in that zone are taken into consideration and perhaps tens of thousands of people were touched, their lives were saved. 

In Mali, 10 doctors and 10 celebrities have started a campaign in the pandemic process by aiming to deliver disinfection products, masks, and gloves to all parts of the country. However, in Mali there was a distribution tracking problem caused by the lack of technological resources, they were not able to keep track of the distributed locations and to manage it. Meanwhile, this loyal group of 20 people heard Evreka’s call and accepted the help. Since then, the distribution operation of aid to the public has been provided with Evreka solutions, and Mali people are not left without help.

Mr. Duman says that they, as a start-up company emerging from Turkey, are so proud to be able to provide benefits to people from different parts of the world and believe that we will overcome this crisis together. 

Duman finished his words: “With these moves, we are trying to be an example to other companies and to benefit humanity to fight against the pandemic. In this way, we believe that a great step will be taken to overcome difficult days as soon as possible. We invite all the world to be part of the solution to discover what we can do together and actualize it all.

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