Eat For Longer Launches New Food, Healthspan And Lifestyle Blog

May 06 19:31 2020
Eat For Longer Launches New Food, Healthspan And Lifestyle Blog
Chris Watson has launched a new blog to research and share food and lifestyle-related topics. He promotes optimising healthspan, lifespan, nutrition and wellbeing. and Chris Watson are pleased to announce the launch of his new blog, which is focused on researching and sharing food and lifestyle topics. The blog promotes food-based concepts for optimising Healthspan, Lifespan, Nutrition and all-round well-being. Chris is a real enthusiast and has created the content presented in the blog, with the hope that they will inspire readers to make changes and add some life to their years. His mantra is eating better, feeling great and living longer.

Chris is not a qualified nutritionist but is studying toward that goal of formal nutritional and wellness qualifications. He is a real enthusiast for all thing’s health, wellness, healthspan and longevity related. Chris Watson is a regular guy who is just really curious about natural foodstuffs and their purported benefits to health and nutrition. His blog will share his enjoinments in the process of researching and applying simple practices anchored to food that will improve wellbeing and healthspan. 

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According to Chris, “I love to construct and test out new and unusual (and sometimes downright weird) recipes and food, ingredient combos to ensure I consume enough proper nutritional goodies that will boost my general wellness and hopefully my longevity, vitality. My site will show you how I am exploring and applying small incremental lifestyle adjustments anchored around what I consume daily and how that will hopefully improve my quality of life and ultimately, my longevity.”

“I’m such a curious enthusiast in this field and will share my research and findings,” he went on to say, “borne from these many curiosities and will do my best to distil insights to form some food-based ideas and concepts. I hope that if you do join me and adopt any of what I share, then you too will reap their benefits over the near and long term, eating better, feeling great and living longer. No change in life is easy, but many tiny battles won over time will compound into something remarkable.” 

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