Professional Electrical Services Are Available in Anaheim

May 06 20:09 2020
Professional Electrical Services Are Available in Anaheim

Electricity is dangerous. Each year, approximately 1,000 people lose their lives because of electricity-related injuries. Many of the injuries that occur are entirely preventable, usually caused by a homeowner’s desire to save money and fix an electrical issue on their own.

DIY electrical work is simply not worth the risk. It’s better to hire a professional, such as S.E. Electrical Services, Inc. For those who are unsure if an electrical issue necessitates help from the professionals, keep reading. Some of the most common signs these services are necessary can be found here.

Lights Flicker When Appliances Are Used

Flickering or dim lights may seem insignificant, especially if the lighting returns to normal in just a few seconds. However, flickering lights are often a symptom of deteriorating wiring or an overloaded circuit. Even though it may not be a huge hazard right now, waiting too long to have this issue straightened out can result in a complete loss of power, or worse. It’s best to contact the professionals to sort the issue out. More about this problem can also be found at

Singed Wires in the Fusebox

It’s smart to check the fuse box for the home every few months. This is necessary even if everything seems like it is working properly. With regular check-ups, it is possible to spot any damaged or singed wires that may need to be replaced. These wires will not only affect the home’s electricity, but they also present a major fire hazard.

Burning Odor in the Air

Few things are more concerning than a strange, smoky odor. If someone notices this, and it can be traced back to an electrical outlet or the fuse box, two things must be done. The first is to turn off the power coming into the home. Once this is done, contact an electrician (

Sometimes, these smells occur when there is an electric fire. This means that even if a homeowner doesn’t see any smoke, they should play it safe and call for electrical services right away.

Wall Outlets Feel Warm

A smoky smell isn’t the only sign of a potential electrical fire. From time to time, touch the outlets in the home. Do they feel warm? If so, this is probably due to faulty wiring and needs to be addressed right away.

Buzzing Sounds Coming from the Walls

It is hard to diagnose the underlying cause of a buzzing sound coming from the walls alone. Several things could cause it. There is a chance that the sound is just due to loose screw terminals. It may be a wiring problem, too. The best option is to leave this diagnosis up to the professionals. Call an electrician right away to help.

Keeping a home’s electrical system operating properly will help prevent issues and ensure there are no serious hazards in the home. Being informed and knowing some of the top signs of a problem is the best way to keep serious issues at bay. 

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