PhysicianEstate has evolved from providing financial education to physicians to sharing research-based scientific facts regarding the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

May 06 21:06 2020
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PhysicianEstate is a physician-owned and managed entrepreneurial platform directed specifically towards doctors in the USA. This platform provides free resources and real estate syndication investment opportunities focused specifically to physicians. However, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the website has added a key section to their platform – a research-based scientific blog where PhysicianEstate’s Physician-Scientists are trying to investigate and share with their audiences the most significant question of recent times ‘How is COVID-19 Transmitted?’

The author of these blog posts and owner of the platform PhysicianEstate is Dr. Harsha Moole, M.D., MBBS. He is a Physician-Scientist based in the USA and has been on the front-line taskforce that is combating this highly infectious coronavirus. Being a medical professional with extensive research background (>100 peer reviewed research publications as a principal investigator), he has been actively following the developments in the scientific community regarding the nature of this virus and has also been experiencing the first-hand impact of this virus while treating the infected patients.

In his articles, he shares his opinions regarding the Right Mask for COVID-19. His thoughts are grounded in solid medical research because masks can play a huge role in breaking the chain of this viral infection. He discusses in detail various properties of numerous masks available in the market and suitability of KN95 vs. N95 Mask. Moreover, he also nullifies a lot of claims regarding the novel coronavirus. For example, it is a common belief that the virus can stay suspended in the air for 1 – 3 hours only, however, recent studies have shown that the virus shows no signs of vanishing even at the end of 3 hours of experimentation. Also, the notion that the infected droplets that are released into the atmosphere via respiratory secretions can only travel up to 6ft – hence the social distancing – is also being contradicted. New research shows that the droplets, rather aerosols, can travel far more than the initial surmise.

After carrying out COVID-19 RT-PCR diagnostic testing information on his patients and gathering first-hand from his colleagues, he calls the testing procedure to be questionable. In his article in which he discusses the accuracy of COVID-19 test, he states that significant number of diagnostic tests are resulting in false negatives. In simple terms, an infected person is shown as not having the virus. Blindly following these results can lead to a disastrous situation, therefore, he recommends following a wholesome clinical approach based on patient’s history and clinical symptoms if in doubt. The test could be repeated for the 2nd or 3rd time to eliminate some of the false negatives. He sheds more light on this topic in his article discussing COVID-19 Test Sensitivity.

Talking about the impacts of COVID-19, Dr. Moole said: “Overall, we do not know enough about this beast. Follow the science and focus on the facts. As a scientist, I am trained to do that. Yes, there may be several “guidelines” from your local/national governing bodies, but their recommendations may have agendas that may or may not be in your best interest.”

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PhysicianEstate is a physician-owned and managed entrepreneurial platform directed specifically towards doctors in the USA. Currently, the website shares crucial research-based scientific information regarding COVID-19, in additional to their free resources to the physician community.

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