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May 06 23:22 2020 a marketplace for everything

For those who want to start selling online, the opportunities are many. One of these is called the and, for some companies, it turns out, very often, to be the best choice from a strategic point of view. When it comes to eCommerce, in fact, we cannot avoid thinking about marketplaces too, a path that more and more companies, in recent years, has decided to take.

Wanting to give a simplistic definition of the term, we can say that marketplaces are e-commerce platforms that host different sellers and can be horizontal when they are open to multiple categories of products.


Electronic commerce has been taking on, especially in recent years, strategic importance for companies that want to promote and sell their products or services on the internet.

It has been seen that traditional sales channels for many sectors (food, clothing, crafts, IT, household appliances, services in general, etc.) are no longer sufficient. They are thus integrated and enhanced with the e-commerce system. keeps every niche of product.


The site is managed entirely by a control panel in a multi-user restricted access area (users who have access to the management of all sections, users with access to the management of only pre-established sections).

You can insert, update, develop, integrate and promote every single product and online service in complete autonomy, using a simple and updated platform.


Our e-commerce management integrates credit card payment, fast and flexible, managed by the most modern and secure transaction systems. One point is that we don’t accept cash on delivery, for now maybe in the future we will, so we can cancel that. We accept credit card and PayPal as for now. Secondly, I would like you to focus on how it is a great way for sellers or stores, who may only sell nationally, to increase their audience worldwide. Also on how the website works, sellers will upload their products and they don’t need to bother about shipping because as soon a product get sold they are going to receive a pre-paid shipping label. Then they can find or sell all the kind of products they’re searching for..

E-commerce payment methods


In the online shop, you can upload infinite products, divided into categories for better consultation, all with a few clicks.

There is no limit to the sales potential that the online store can reach, in fact, the more products it fits the more chances we will have that the user –

Sell and buy 

A successful e-commerce site must have a high traffic of visitors interested in the products/services offered and who then become customers, both because they find the site intuitive and easy to navigate, clear in the conditions of purchase, and because it is positioned in the first places on search engines with the most searched keywords. The promotional activity for your e-commerce site can offer you:

Search engine positioning of your products

Pay Per Click campaign management and high profitability online promotion support to improve collections through conversion marketing activities

Brand new products online

The world of e-commerce is a great opportunity and choosing the right web hosting provider for your business is essential. The webspace for an e-commerce site plays a fundamental role in the success of the online store. Unlike an amateur site, the site that remains unreachable or a lack of and little present assistance means lost revenue and serious image damage. The web hosting services of our agency are provided by monitored and secure servers, supported by the best and most popular technologies, to ensure high performance even in case of high traffic.

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