Tik Tok Star Hejar Abdi, Breaks The Internet with His Creativity

May 06 23:28 2020
Dutch Model and Social Media Influencer, Hejar Abdi, continues to dominate Tik Tok with is fantastic posts and content

Hejar Abdi is looking like the next big deal on the internet as the Tik Tok celebrity has continued to increase his popularity across several social media platforms. The internet celebrity broke into prominence for his amazing looks, cute smile, style, and fantastic personality, growing his popularity for his captivating images and videos on Instagram. Hejar has however taken his dominance to the newest massive popular social media platform – Tik Tok, by posting videos of him singing and some funny videos.

Social media have created several online celebrities and content creators, otherwise known as influencers, with their millions of fans and followers worldwide tailoring their lives and activities in line with that of their models or favorite celebs as the case may be. However, one individual, in the person of 26-year old entrepreneur/influencer, seems to have added a twist to the concept of social media influencing, posting humorous yet message-filled content as he aims to use his talent to drive positive change in society.

Hejar Abdi studied physical therapy at the Amsterdam School of Health Professions. However, he has taken to the internet as his major source of income via online business ventures as an influencer on social media. His massive following that can be largely attributed to his ingenuity and creativity has attracted the attention of several brands across the globe.

Before joining Tik Tok in January 2020, Hejar was famous as a model on Instagram, sharing his fashionable outfits and modeling photos on the platform, with his incredible physique helping to increase his following on Instagram. As a content creator, Hejar worked with several brands and influencers, helping them to grow on different social media platforms. His most famous client remains Kareem ‘Biggs’ Burke, former partner of Jay-Z and co-founder of Rocafella records.

Hejar has also been featured on different news sites to help individuals and businesses increase their presence on social media, recently highlighting 6 Exclusive Growth Hacking Tips. Hejar shared his experience garnered over the years as an influencer with the rest of the world with the hope of helping them grow on different social media platforms.

Now a crowned “muser” on Tik Tok, Hejar Abdi continues to grow his presence on Instagram, with more than 10,000 followers as well as Tik Tok, where more than 8,000 fans constantly wait for his posts.

Hejar Abdi can be followed on Tiktok @imhejar

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