World Acupuncture Mission donates potential COVID-19 treatment to patients

May 06 23:34 2020
Popular holistic health and wellness solutions provider, World Acupuncture Mission (WAM), sends out SoPung AnJungSan, a herbal formula developed to fight COVID-19 symptoms to infected persons for free

World Acupuncture Mission has seemingly reiterated their goal of helping people live a healthy and happy life as it has been sending out a herbal supplement that combines 22 different herbs voluntarily at no cost to persons infected with the coronavirus. Tagged SoPung AnJungSan, the herbal formula was developed by a team of Eastern Medicine practitioners led by the legendary, world-renown acupuncture doctor, Dr. Youn Koo Chung, and is reportedly effective in curing symptoms of COVID-19.

The novel coronavirus has continued to ravage countries across the globe, with the figure of infected people worldwide exceeding 3.5 million. The effects of the virus have been devastating, to say the least, leading to the lockdown of countries as governments put measures in place to curb the spread. Unfortunately, no vaccine has been certified fit for the treatment of the virus, with scientists and health experts predicting a possible global distribution of vaccines in 2021. However, a group of medical practitioners seem to be offering the world a sigh of relief with their herbal formula called SoPung AnJungSan.

SPA, as it is also called, has showed positive improvements through clinical trials from South Korea through IJAM practitioners, reportedly reducing or eliminating similar symptoms to the coronavirus infection. The brains behind the development, supported by World Acupuncture Mission (WAM), are proactively seeking to identify and locate COVID-19 patients who lack adequate medical support and maybe isolated without immediate help.

In a similar vein, World Acupuncture Mission has been distributing the supplement to as many people as possible at no cost. The organization has also been consulting and providing comfort to those who are infected with COVID-19 by volunteering their time and resources.

SPA has already started to receive accolades from users in the United States and if the testimonies are anything to go by, the world might be close to seeing the end of the ravaging COVID-19.

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