Grab opportunity during pandemic and achieve outstanding financial gains with Sentinel Market (STM)

May 07 10:04 2020

Grab opportunity during pandemic and achieve outstanding financial gains with Sentinel Market!

With the rapid spread of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) worldwide, nearly 2.8 million people have been infected, leaving countries with no choice but to implement movement control orders which will ultimately affect commercial consumption, commercial demand, and consumer confidence.

Terrible stock market downturns followed by a drastic plunge in oil prices during this pandemic period are causing investors to adopt a wait-and-see attitude. The global economy is shaky at best with the aforementioned worldwide stock market crisis damaging the stability of pension plans and personal savings accounts.

Economists believe that the economic revitalization plans issued by various countries have not worked, and the global economy continues to spiral out of control. Movement Control Orders prevent workers from heading to work thereby creating a period of reduced or zero income. This is forcing people into living with uncomfortable lifestyle changes due to increasing financial problems. So how can we turn the crisis into an opportunity?

Similarly, the international foreign exchange market has also experienced large fluctuations, courtesy of the global COVID-19 pandemic. But the so-called crisis is actually a business opportunity because whether the foreign exchange market rises or falls, there are still plenty of money-making opportunities. In fact, even under these uncertain times of the pandemic, the foreign exchange market is still favoured by many investors, thanks to the comprehensive advantage of foreign exchange: two-way trading. Up or down, the foreign exchange market still offers profit opportunities, 24-hour trading, objective and fair market which can’t be manipulated, low investment and low entry points, with a small 3-digit capital and people now have access to unlimited profit opportunities. According to Bloomberg News, the advent of COVID-19 has contributed to the prosperity of retail foreign exchange transactions. Some people find that working from home means that they can now double up as “part-time foreign exchange trader”.

Sentinel Market (STM) is a financial services company established in 2016 and entered the foreign exchange market at the end of 2019, becoming one of the region’s top foreign exchange broker. Sentinel Capital (STC) is a professional financial institution that provides foreign exchange custody and integrates a proprietary insurance protection mechanism in trades.

In fact, STC’s top foreign exchange trading team has already studied the foreign exchange market for some years, making them thoroughly familiar with today’s trading strategies and even future trends of foreign exchange development. As top foreign exchange brokers, their mission is to provide investors with ultra-high standards of foreign exchange trading services where every transaction is protected by the insurance mechanism, maximising investor profits while ensuring the safety of investor’s funds.

Sentinel Market’s headquarters is located in Vancouver, Canada, with the Asian branch in Malaysia. STM’s also has local presence in China, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, Brunei, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and more.

STM’s foreign exchange license (Registration Number: 25822 BC 2020) is issued by the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Financial Services Authority (SVGFSA), and is regulated by the U.S. National Futures Association (Registration Number: 0529658). In order to provide investors with higher level protection, STM has also successfully obtained the Australian ASIC license (License Number: 001281477).

They are the creators of the world’s first foreign exchange three-account insurance hedging strategy, focusing on forex insurance trading and insurance hedging trading. This model utilizes the company’s powerful multi-functional intelligent insurance fund pool, diversified deposit models, and a scientific operating mechanism which allow investors to obtain real insurance protection, prevent investors from any transaction losses, and protecting their capital.

In order to serve society better, the company will be venturing into other financial fields in the future, benefiting more people who want to achieve their own financial freedom. Establishing business schools, trading academies, training brokerages and similar institutions are planned in their 2nd phase development.

As the pandemic becomes worse, many if not all the world’s economies will remain unstable in the short term. However, the worst timing has always been the best opportunity for those who know. Invest in a genuine investment platform and searching the right company is a must for everyone in order to secure a stable income. Not only does STM’s three-account insurance hedging strategy eliminate the high risks of foreign exchange transactions, it also increases the percentage of profits gained during each transaction. Everyone can be a winner in financial management through STM.

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