A YouTube Channel Provides Coronavirus Live Stream Highlighting Updated Coronavirus Related Information

May 07 17:21 2020
A medical channel on YouTube aims to present users on YouTube with the latest coronavirus live map.

NAV MED VIDEOS, a medical YouTube channel, is pleased to announce that it is now providing a coronavirus live stream in an effort to present coronavirus live map counter and other coronavirus related information about the COVID-19 pandemic and the increasing number of cases and deaths globally. 

With more than 38,000 subscribers, the platform encourages everyone to join in discussing the coronavirus live map, how the worldwide figures compare as well as what they can do together to see through this. 

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is impacting 210 nations and territories across the globe and two international conveyances. The live stream from NAV MED VIDEOS serves as helpful information, allowing people to keep track of the numbers which affect them and help guide the decisions they need to make. 

For the COVID-19 data, NAV MED VIDEOS collects data from official reports and coronavirus live real-time counter references such as Worldometer, Morgen Post, DXY, JHU CSEE, BNO News, Risk Layer, and more. The channel elaborates on a real-time estimate through their algorithm that processes the late data provided by the most reputable organizations and statistical offices around the globe. 

The YouTube channel acknowledges the hard efforts done by all the health care professionals, governments, and other people in the containment of the coronavirus pandemic. Each day, hundreds of thousands of people put their lives at stake to help those victims who are suffering in this global pandemic. They work hard day and night to save the lives of other people. 

According to Navendu Goyal, the man behind the YouTube channel, “My heart goes out to all the doctors, nurses and other healthcare personnel who are at the frontline of the Coronavirus outbreak and working really hard to save the lives of millions of people across the globe. Our condolences to all the families who have lost lives due to the Coronavirus pandemic or have had other material losses due to the pandemic.”

Goyal encourages everybody to stay safe, be healthy, and help one another. He believed that everybody could work today to flatten the curve and get through the global crisis. Interested individuals who want to donate and support the YouTube channel can support him at https://streamlabs.com/navmedvideos

YouTube users who want to see the live coronavirus update of NAV MED VIDEOS can visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRy5_KpPxyM


NAV MED VIDEOS is a medical YouTube channel. It is mainly created to pass on the information the creator learned from his experience in preparing for an exam as an IMG. Today, the creator is focusing on presenting live updates about the coronavirus. 

To learn more about NAV MED VIDEOS, send an email to [email protected] Follow then on Facebook Page at @NavMedMedicalVideos and on Twitter @navmedvideos.

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