How Indoor Water Features Can Help People Sleep Better

May 07 15:16 2020

For centuries it has been said that the secret to a long healthy life is sleep. It wasn’t until recently that we paid attention to this fact and looked for ways that could enhance the quality of our sleep. Uninterrupted sleep is almost impossible to achieve with so much stress and pressure weighing us down, but it is especially hard if the environment is not conducive to peaceful slumber.

A comfortable sleeping environment can be achieved with sleeping aids, and one that is becoming exceedingly popular is indoor water features. They are the latest trendy way of upgrading your surroundings aesthetically and calming your mind so that you fall asleep faster and soundly.

Indoor water features as sleeping aids

  • The sound of running water is instantly relaxing and is the best remedy for an anxious and overworked mind. It also helps in dealing with external noise and disturbances.
  • The water features can mimic the sound of waterfalls or ocean waves. Both have the same effect but can be customized to your preference.
  • Water features create a stress-free environment that is conducive to productivity and efficiency.
  • There’s no question of age when it comes to using an indoor water feature to help you sleep. Sleeping soundly is important for everyone and grows essential with time.
  • The effectiveness of water features is in the volume level produced by the trickling of water. They should be audible enough to drown out any outside noise and low sufficient to induce a soothing vibe.

Health benefits of indoor water features for your sleep

  • Purifies surrounding air – these water features often work as air-purifying machines as they release negative ions that attract airborne pollutants.
  • The best source of white noise – the sound of running water is the perfect form of white noise. White noise muffles all other noises and allows your body to relax.
  • Helps with stress – the trickling of water lowers stress levels subtly due to which the mind calms down effortlessly.
  • Humidifies the air – the air is moisturized by the water molecules, bringing comfort to dryness or allergies. Due to its continuous circulation, it does not provide any opportunity for bacteria or any other air pollutant to thrive.

Things to consider when using indoor water features as a sleeping aid:

  • The first thing to consider is to find one that has a very audible sound. The volume is subjective, but it’s always a good idea to experience it before buying.
  • Find one that complements your living space and fits it perfectly.
  • Regarding the cost, go for quality and longevity, especially when your sleep and health are depending on it.

Indoor water features are beautiful additions to any home with the added health benefits. They save you from buying a white noise machine that is not visually pleasing and irritably loud. An indoor water feature will give you peace and tranquility so that you may function at your optimum level and be able to provide the best version of yourself to your family every day!

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