Indiegogo campaign introduces The Next-Gen Social Family Robot

May 07 19:53 2020

Misa is a revolutionary social family robot that is backed by high-tech sensors, AI, and emotional intelligence travel, learn, teach, and interact with people around like a human companion. 

How about a robot personal assistant that not only answers questions but also takes care of home security and interacts socially with the right dose of human emotion? Sounds utopian, right? Well, Wilmington-based innovative tech startup, Misa Robotics, has recently introduced “the next-gen social robot” that can do all these and much more. Titled “Misa,” the Robot is an adorable friend, teacher, cameraman, companion, and entertainer in one.

The First-of-its-kind, Misa is uniquely designed to handle everything from home automation to home security to education of children to entertainment of the entire family. Backed by artificial and emotional intelligence, Misa can interact socially like a human pal with proper expression of emotions. It is also designed to provide personal assistance to the elderly and children with special needs. The multilingual social Robot understands almost all the major languages, including French, English, Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese and Korean.

“Robot personal assistants are nothing new today. But, what separates Misa from the rest is the promise of comprehensive family assistance that no other existent personal assistant robot can do as of now. Whether you want to know about the stocks of Nike or need to switch off the HVAC or need a storyteller for your little one or a friendly companion for your granny when you can’t be at home- Misa will come to your rescue. And as it’s designed with AI and emotional intelligence, it can interact with you and other family members just like a human friend”, stated a leading spokesperson from the Misa Robotics team.

Backed by 4 wheels and a multitude of sensors, Misa is a fully mobile robot that can travel, learn, and interact with people around. 

Misa is pre-loaded with thousands of hours of ad-free and safe games, learning apps, books as well as videos from major family brands. The Robot will also educate kids about good habits and help them to teach them in their daily life.

Misa works in tandem with the Misa Connect app, which enables users to give directions to and control the Robot remotely. The different services users will enjoy with Misa app are:

  • Video calling
  • Monitoring of content consumed on smart devices and blocking of unwanted applications
  • Remote video surveillance
  • Remote control of Misa from anywhere in the world
  • Send messages to and from Misa
  • Enjoy complete data privacy with end-to-end data encryption

While approached further, the spokesperson highlighted on the unique and advanced features of Misa Social Robot –

  • 7” IPS display
  • Based on Android 9.0 OS
  • HD camera. AR camera
  • Dual microphone and premium speaker
  • Touch sensor, drop sensor, range sensor and ultrasonic sensor
  • Hands-free video calls
  • Smart home automation
  • Elderly care assistance
  • KidSAFE + COPPA certified
  • FCC, UL, CE and CB certified
  • Educational, learning and skill training module for people with special needs
  • And more

“Misa is ‘the’ next-gen social Robot that we all have been waiting for. Whether you need a partner to sing a lullaby to your kiddo or keep tab on digital contents consumed by your family members or a personal assistant who will unfailingly remind you of your appointments every day- bank on Misa. At present, we are looking for mass production of the revolutionary robot wonder, which calls robust financial backup. Hence, this Indiegogo campaign. Your generous support will help us to bring Misa to the world and make lives easier and safer for all.”

Backers will be rewarded with a solid 50% discount on Misa Social Robot.

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