Kickstarter campaign introduces innovative lighted lineman pliers for safe working in low-light

May 07 19:54 2020

Bright Grips has come up with unique LED-fitted Lighted Lineman Pliers that can light up a large area in front of the tool to make working safer and more convenient in dark working conditions.

No more flashlight hassles while working in low-light. No more waiting for an assistant to hold the light while operating pliers in dark. NY-based Bright Grips has recently launched revolutionary LED-fitted pliers to make working safe and more efficient in lowlight conditions. Titled “Lighted Lineman Pliers”, the patented pliers eliminate the need of flashlights or an assistant to hold the light for you while working in dark.

The FIRST-of-its-kind, the Bright Grips Lighted Lineman Pliers are designed with LED attachments across their grips. These LEDs offer bright lighting for up to 2,000 hours and are capable of illuminating a huge area around the front of pliers to ensure easy visibility even in low-light working conditions. 

“We do understand how difficult it could be to work with regular pliers in lowlight working scenarios. Using a heavy flashlight, you have to do the entire operation with one hand only. That makes the task extremely time-consuming, inconvenient, and unsafe. This is where our patented breakthrough Lighted Lineman Pliers will come to your rescue. Our next-gen pliers are uniquely fitted with LED attachments that illuminate the whole working area and enable you to use both your hands to hold and run the pliers for a faster, more efficient, and safer job”, says the team at Bright Grips.

Lighted Lineman Pliers’ innovative design will help technicians to follow social distancing rules in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic – without compromising on the quality of the job.

“When you are working in a dark environment, you usually need someone near you to hold the flashlight so that you can utilize both the hands to operate the pliers. But our next-gen Lighted Lineman Pliers with in-built LEDs will enable you to work independently without the need of an assistant to hold the flashlight for you. This way, working on your projects will be safer and much faster.”

The unique lighted pliers will also cut down on labor costs for tradesmen by eliminating the need to hire assistants.

Speaking further, the spokesperson highlighted on the advanced features of Lighted Lineman Pliers:

  • Fitted with LED attachments that provide up to 2,000 hours of light for easy working in lowlight
  • High-quality Lineman pliers for splicing, crimping, and side-cutting
  • Comfortable and strong TPE rubber handles that promise easy secured grip

“Our patented LED-attached pliers are just the tool that every tradesman need today to ensure safer and more efficient operations. We are looking forward to starting mass-production but such a high-end project calls for strong financial backup. Your generous support will enable us to bring our breakthrough pliers to light and make working conditions safer, more economical, and more productive for all tradesmen out there.”

Backers will be rewarded with handy discounts on Lighted Lineman Pliers.

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