#1 International Bestselling Author, Alex Her, a Mother of 4 and a Businesswoman

May 07 19:56 2020
Alex Her, as a mother of 4 children and a businesswoman, used her lockdown time in Covid-19 Pandemic effectively and became a #1 bestselling author through the power of collaboration mastermind. She now aspires to empower other businesswomen by her mentoring skills and expertise while engaging them with The Ubermind.

Alex Her is an extremely busy businesswoman and a mother of 4 young children. She had always wanted to become an author and publish her own writing, but her busy schedule kept her away from her dreams. She dreamt of sharing her story with everyone on a global scale but could not manage her time well. Using the lockdown time during Covid-19 Pandemic effectively, she not only completed her book, published it, but also got herself rewarded as the #1 bestseller on April 14th, 2020.

Alex Her dedicates her success to the power of mentoring and mastermind group. She worked with other women who had the same dreams of publishing their work as she had. The dreams got these women together and made them co-author a book. They now cherish this collaboration because it made them achieve maximum result with optimized efforts. The book is titled, ‘Empire Moms’ and is available on Amazon to purchase. Alex Her now aspires to help other busy businesswomen, who are also taking care of their children, by connecting them to The Ubermind and guiding them through the processes and programs to help them achieve their hidden dreams and potentials.

The Ubermind is a mastermind of top soul led influencers and leaders. It publishes their members’ work in prestigious online magazines and high traffic blogs. It helps businesswomen to build influence so that their messages could be reached out to more and more audiences. This amplifies their messages and attract mainstream media to create a positive brand buzz and promotes their business.

Alex Her found her hidden potential of a visionary leader and wants to share this message on a massive scale to make a difference in this world. She is ready to share her expertise and unique insight to build up new-thought leaders and shape the future of the planet.

With Mother’s Day falling soon, it is the best time for all the mothers as well as businesswomen to reflect on and start collaborating and accomplishing their dreams that they had once imagined. Alex Her is here with her own successful experience and inspiring story to help these passionate and ambitious women. For she believes womanhood is the common thread between mothers and businesswomen that unites them.

Alex’s mission is to build a diversified and collaborative community of conscious co-creators with a combined outreach of at-least 10,000,000 fans so that each member can reach and influence millions of other people with their messages. Join The Ubermind and connect to her at mastermind to turn your dreams come into reality. Expand your network, enlighten the world with your messages and empower yourself as a world-class leader.

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