Best-Practice Link Tracking Processes in as Little as a Day with CampaignTrackly

May 07 19:58 2020
With the rise of privacy regulations where customers choose to turn off tracking cookies and pixels, the only way for businesses to gain consistent customer insights and measure how they are spending their marketing dollars is to use tracking links. CampaignTrackly is the most cost-effective web platform letting businesses build consistent link tracking in as little as a day.

Parsippany, NJ, USA – In an increasingly competitive international marketplaces, the number of digital channels through which customers can hear about products has grown significantly. To reach and engage customers, businesses need to advertise on all these channels, but tight marketing budgets are forcing them to be selective and make tough choices. The best way for marketers to make smart decisions about advertising spend is to use data and insights to assess which promotion brings the highest ROI.

With so many privacy regulations and options for web visitors to decline cookies and tracking pixels across channels, getting the full picture about digital marketing performance is getting harder every day.

That’s why adding tracking tags to digital links is the new normal – links are not affected by privacy laws, aren’t turned off by browsers, and they always give you the full marketing ROI picture across channels and campaigns.

On top of this, they can also give you a lot more granular information about your visitors depending on how many tracking tags you have added to your links.

Tracking tags come in various types and sizes. The most popular are the UTM tracking tags, but businesses can create unlimited custom tag types to meet their needs for data and customer insights.

The challenge that most businesses face is that building tracking links is time-consuming, detail-driven, error-prone and discourages marketers from using it daily. This leads to inconsistent results and makes it hard to measure ROI accurately.

Building a consistent tracking strategy in a productive and cost-effective way requires specialized online platforms, where businesses can make, store and use all their tags, perform link tagging operations, and let their teams access campaign & reports history in one central place.

CampaignTrackly is one of the pioneer tracking link automation platforms that has successfully launched in 2016 and continues to grow every day.

The web platform provides a robust and extremely flexible tag library, a powerful tagging engine that can generate thousands of tracking links in minutes, and a smart multi-level team access management option that services thousands of subscribers.

CampaignTrackly helps drive economies of scale for their clients and is used by social media, email, analytics, and campaign marketers, as well as bloggers and operations managers around the globe.

Today, CampaignTrackly has 1800 plus business subscribers. Based on the positive response and huge demand, CampaignTrackly keeps advancing its features to meet the growing needs of marketers.

CampaignTrackly’s tagging engine is an advanced app that can tag & shorten simultaneously up to thousands of links. It makes it possible for both small and large promotional operations to be implemented on time, with minimal manual work and at the fraction of the cost.

It enjoys high adoption rates due to its simple tracking link and automation features including the UTM tags or the UTM parameters templates.

The app builds analytics tracking links with a minimal learning curve and can be used by both, beginners and advanced digital marketers. Users can track links on their owned websites, on externally-owned websites, as well as on social media in a consistent and easy way.  

CampaignTrackly easilyintegrates with Bitly, Short, Zapier, Google & Hootsuite. Its mission is to help the marketers make better marketing decisions in a productive and cost-effective way.

Clients prefer CampaignTrackly because it is user friendly, faster to operate, and offers excellent and personalized support.

As one of their clients mentions, ‘CampaignTrackly is very easy to work with and has implemented my special requests on a number of occasions. They are improving the application constantly and listen to what their customers want. I would recommend this application to anyone who needs help managing, or in my instance, setting up a tracking program.’

Milena Mitova, Co-founder of CampaignTrackly says, The CampaignTrackly app brings together marketing and software automation to provide a simple and cost-effective way to track and monitor the success of your digital marketing efforts. We help you build in seconds and monitor all the tracking links for your emails, blogs, landing pages & social media.’

With these fast, easy to adopt tracking features, CampaignTrackly ensures sustainable promotional link tracking and helps marketers to standardize reports and gain efficiencies by auto-tagging their promotional and marketing links. 

The CampaignTrackly’s team is working globally within different cities and countries. They also work virtually to remain accessible to their users for any queries or support regarding any tracking & marketing questions. They can be easily contacted through their website or through email.

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