Holly Conklin Intervention Entrepreneur Opens Unique IOP & Sober Living Facility

May 07 16:50 2020
Holly Conklin Intervention Entrepreneur Opens Unique IOP & Sober Living Facility

Holly Conklin, Founder and CEO of Angel Intervention Services LLC and Angel Sober Living LLC has just opened her new Wellness Center in downtown Van Wert Ohio. It is a state-of-the-art facility featuring; Vibroacoustic Sound bed healing/therapy (Biosound Technology), foot bath detoxification, Yoga, guided meditation groups, drum circle, and more. Holly states, “I wanted, so badly, to create a space unlike any other Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program in the United States, offering services and amenities that you cannot find elsewhere.”

This is an exciting new addition to Holly Conklin’s Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program and beautiful Sober Living Facility, also located in downtown Van Wert Ohio.

Holly Conklin started her career helping the chemically dependent get professional help in 2006. She created her own style of professional intervention that many interventionists copy today. She has become a leader and at the time, was one of few female interventionists in a male dominated industry. Holly says, “When I wanted to become an interventionist, no one would hire me or train me. I’m uncertain why, but I realized that I had a gift for overcoming the objections that  people with addiction issues have, when it comes to choosing treatment.” “I decided that it was okay to refuse to allow the opinions of others to stop me from achieving my goal.”

The evolution of Holly Conklin’s career from working at Inpatient Residential Treatment Facilities to owning her own Intervention Company, Angel Intervention Services LLC, to opening her first IOP program is an incredible example of her dedication to helping others.

Holly Conklin found her true purpose in life when she completed her first intervention in 2006. She says, “I had to use the last of my money to buy a one-way ticket to get to where he lived. Then I had to go in cold with no help from the family. I knocked on his front door and when he opened the door, I was facing a terribly angry guy about 6 foot five and 250 lbs. I weighed all of 110 lbs. and am 4 foot 11 and three quarters.”

I introduced myself as his new treatment counselor. He screamed at me and tried to slam the door. I stuck my foot in the door, reached out to offer my hand, and we left for treatment the next day.

Many years and hundreds of Interventions later Holly Conklin and her husband arrived in Van Wert Ohio. Her children were through college, her husband had a steady income, and it was time to put down new roots.

Holly opened her first brick and mortar office in Van Wert Ohio in 2017 at an old bank building on Main Street directly across from the court houses on both sides. She soon outgrew that location and was forced to find a larger space.

She acquired her present offices on South Washington Street in 2018. It started as an Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program featuring evidence based MRT (Moral Reconation Therapy) and Mindfulness (Awareness) as the primary treatment modalities. Holly Conklin believes that a person cannot recover or change without the ability to have realizations about their life prior, during, and after drug/alcohol addiction. She states, “This reality-based program offers clients the opportunity to look at their lives, take responsibility, have solid realizations, and truly make a change.”

Holly Conklin quickly discovered that many of her clients needed a safe, structured living environment that was drug free. At that time, her landlord was in the process of remodeling all the apartments above her offices. She contacted the landlord and said, “I want them all!” and thus Angel Sober Living LLC was born. Holly Conklin has a gift for deciding it will happen and then seeing it through.

Angel Sober Living LLC houses both male and female clients, living separately within the spaces. They are all fully furnished and beautifully decorated. Holly says, “It’s important for her clients to have a beautiful space to live in as it helps them to realize they deserve to have a beautiful life as well!” The Sober Living and Intensive Outpatient Treatment program also feature a well-furnished gym, sauna area, and laundromat for her clients use.

Angel Intervention Services IOP Program accepts most private insurances as well as Ohio Medicaid. The program is state licensed by Ohio Mental Health and Addiction Services and Joint Commission Accredited. “We are guided in everything we do to help others with the assistance of our Medical Director and Clinical Directors.”

Holly Conklin is a Certified Professional Interventionist and Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor (CDCA II). She states, “We are so pleased to be able to provide services that are unique to the treatment industry and a space where our clients want to be.” For Holly Conklin, her dream has come to fruition, her deep desire and dedication to others is clear in the way she works, the modalities and services she offers, the hours she puts in, and her client’s successes.” Holly Conklin says, “At the end of the day, all this hard work pays off when an individual is able to achieve total independence and life-long sobriety. It’s just such a beautiful thing to witness.”

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