Benavie Nursing Services meets national healthcare demand for seniors during COVID19

May 07 23:42 2020

Benavie Nursing Services Delivers First-Class Chronic Care Management to Medicare & Medicaid Recipients Nationwide through simple technology while reducing risk of Coronavirus.

It’s hardly a surprise with the current national crisis why more baby boomers are considering ways to meet their long-term health goals and better manage chronic symptoms at home. Benavie’s Nursing team works hand in hand with patients’ primary care physicians leveraging Medicaid and Medicare to bring care management in home. Utilizing simple tools such as email, computers, tablets, and cell phones, patients with two or more chronic conditions can now have access to around the clock healthcare services. Offered nationwide, seniors can now utilize the benefits of Medicaid and Medicare to receive transitional care management and Chronic Care Management in their own home without clinical visits and risking exposure to Coronavirus. 

“Transitional Care Management and Chronic Care management is a tool developed by Medicare and Medicaid to really empower individuals in their own living environment while monitoring their medical symptoms,” states Cain, CEO and Registered Nurse of Benavie. “We work specifically with patients on managing symptoms for long term success and overall better health. The more education and nursing assistance we can give an individual the more success they have at home. Our goal is to keep individuals at home and out of the hospital. Benavie services are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are in constant contact with our patients through technology to better manage symptoms and reduce emergency room visits and hospital stays.”

Acting as the patient champion, the health care team at Benavie manages care between regular doctor visits and acts as patients first line support when at home. Now, more than ever seniors can utilize Medicaid and Medicare to get the support and communication they need from a licensed healthcare team without risky exposure.

The feedback for Benavie Nursing Services has been positive across the board.

Christine S., from Portland, recently said in a five-star review, “I am very happy to be using Benavie Nursing Services to provide additional healthcare for my mother. It has dropped the need for emergency room visits and given both my mom and the rest of our family more peace of mind. Fully recommended!”

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